Sunday, March 13, 2016

Samuel Birth Story, 1 Month Old!

Well turns out time flies when you have 2 kids! I can't believe Samuel is already a month old! I've been wanting to write out his birth story just for my own personal records, so I figured his one month birthday would be a good time to do it!

My pregnancy this time around was pretty good! I wasn't as sick as I was with Noah. I only threw up a few times, and never ended up in the ER which is great! I think having to chase Noah around helped. I had to make sure I always had something in my belly, and just had to push through. But mostly it was probably just a blessing that I was not as sick as last time because Noah would not have gone for that! He's not really the kind of kid that can sit watching a movie all day. He loves to get up and run!

When I say my pregnancy was good...I guess I mean it was good until the last trimester...when I found out I had gestational diabetes! This was the worst. I was terrified that I was going to have a 15lb baby! I was supposed to follow all of these diet restrictions, and eating for me is already a struggle haha! I always get bored of food pretty quickly, and with this diet I could only eat certain things. Needless to say I got pretty tired of eggs and wheat toast for breakfast. In the end I didn't really stick with it very well because I was just starving all the time and I figured eating anything at all was probably better than nothing. I think I had a pretty mild case of it because even not following the diet very well Samuel still ended up being smaller than Noah was when he was born.

Samuel was born February 13th, 2016. His birth story couldn't be more different from Noah's birth story if you remember it! If you need a little refresher here it is! (

The week or so before Samuel was born I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions quite a bit. I was hoping that he'd either come a week or more early, or wait until after his due date because my brother David was leaving on his mission the day he was due and I wanted my mom to be able to come to the hospital when he was born (my boys never seem to cooperate with my idea of when they should be born!). I had convinced myself that he was going to be late though, so I wasn't too worried about him coming when my mom wouldn't be able to make it. But on February 11th, I could tell he was getting ready to be born. My belly was a lot lower, I was having pretty bad back pain, and the BH contractions were coming a little more frequently, still in my mind he was going to wait another week before he came. I was still at the point where I was anxious to meet him and totally done being pregnant, but also not quite ready for him to be here. I didn't even have my bags totally packed yet.

I had a Drs appointment on Friday the 12th and my Dr told me I was a couple centimeters dilated and that she was thinking I might have a Valentine's baby! She said she didn't think she'd see me at my next appointment, which was supposed to be a week from that appointment. Even though I still didn't want to have the baby before his due date, I figured it was probably time to get things ready to go! So that day I told Tom we needed to pack our bags and make sure everything was ready, just in case he decided to come early.

That night I went to bed around 9:45 and this is the conversation I was having with my mom:

Still not really believing I was in labor, I went to sleep. I woke up multiple times during the night but kept going back to sleep. Then at about 2 in the morning I started thinking I should probably start timing the contractions. At 3:13 AM I started this conversation with my mom:

At this point I kinda figured this was the real deal, but I was so afraid of being sent home from the hospital because last time I got sent home and was in labor for about 24 hours after that! In my mind the contractions needed to be WAY more painful before I went to the hospital.

Soon after that last text, though, my water started leaking and the contractions were still about 4 minutes apart and very painful, so we called Tom's brother to come over and stay the night with Noah. I think he could feel that something was about to happen because he woke up at about 3 AM and stayed up with us all night. He was wide awake! Tom and Greg gave me a blessing before we left that all would go smoothly with the delivery, and we were on our way.

our last photo as a family of three

and my last photo of my belly (pretty sure this was right as a contraction was starting haha)

I am so grateful that I did not go into labor during rush hour. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy I was terrified that I'd have to deal with traffic on the 91 while driving to the hospital...anyone who knows the 91 will get what I'm saying haha! It's the worst!

It took about 15 minutes to get to the hospital and by this time I couldn't talk/walk through the contractions, so Tom got me a wheel chair. We realized we didn't even know how to get to labor and delivery, so we ended up taking the long way there but eventually we made it and they got me checked in a little after 4 AM. They didn't send me home! Yay!

I had decided that this time I wanted to get an epidural so that I would actually have the energy to push and not spend 2+ hours doing it. I was pretty nervous about getting one though, because I am afraid of not having control of my body and I usually hate the feeling that any numbing medicine gives me. The anesthesiologist came in a little while after we got there and talked to me about the epidural, and by this time the contractions were really intense so I was ready for it! The process of getting the epidural was probably the scariest part about the whole process. I was shaking pretty badly because I was scared, but luckily Tom was there to help me breathe through the contractions and help me sit still while it was being done.

And HOLY COW you guys....This is where things began to be vastly different from my last birth experience. I literally could feel no contraction pain. I didn't even know when I was having one unless I looked at the monitor, or someone told me I was having one. I even texted my mom at one point and said "This is so relaxing. I feel like I'm at the spa" haha. I'm glad I gave birth naturally last time, so I could really appreciate this feeling of not feeling anything. I got to take a nap and get the much needed rest I would need to give birth. Tom and I got to have some great conversations and laugh about how easy it all was. It was nice to have a calm and relaxed feeling in the room as I prepared for giving birth.

 The only proof of my contractions

Around 12:30 the nurse came in and did a final check and said I was just about ready to push, so she went to get the midwife. The midwife came in and asked me to do a practice push, which I did, and she immediately told me to stop or else I'd have the baby before everything was ready haha! So they took a few minutes to set everything up, and then she told me it was time. I wasn't even feeling any urge to push at was strange! But it only took about 3-5 pushes and:

at 1:07 PM February 13th Samuel was born.
He was 7 lbs 5 oz. and 21" tall.

We got to enjoy our time with Samuel in the hospital for the next day. Right before we got discharged, Greg, LuAnne, and Ashlee, brought Noah to come to visit and meet his brother for the first time. It was so weird because I'd been telling Noah about him all through the pregnancy, not really thinking he really got it. He'd point to my belly and say "baby" but wasn't super interested in the whole thing. But when he got to the hospital he instantly wanted to hold and love on his baby brother. He never had a weird moment like "who is this kid", which is what I was expecting. He's been a great brother, although one of the first things he did was plug Samuel's nose haha...

Our time since his birth has been great. Tom was able to get a few weeks off work so he's been home with us getting used to having two kids. Noah has his moments where he wishes he was still had all of Dad's attention, but he's been so good. I'm grateful to have Tom's parents, and a few of his siblings close because they have helped us a lot with meals and taking Noah multiple times so we can rest.

Samuel is a great baby. He's a month old now.

He loves to eat
He only cries when his tummy hurts.

He loves being carried in his baby carrier.

He hates baths.

But He loves showers.

He can roll over from his tummy to his back every once in a while, but I can never catch it on video!
and He looks just like his daddy!

We love this boy!

And now I'm home with two sick boys getting right into the swing of this mom of two thing!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Noah is 10 Months....and a half by now...

So Noah has been Ten months old for the past week or two. I'm a little late on the blog, but oh well. Life has been kinda crazy. I can't believe Noah will be a year old in just two months. That is crazy! I should probably start planning some type of one year festivities...

Anyway Noah is just growing in leaps and bounds. He is learning so quickly and I feel like he picks up something new every day! This week has been a busy one with Ciara & Dakota's wedding, Tom working and going to school, and me helping out with musical theater and all of the wedding preparations. I Love when things are busy, but I'm glad they've kind of quieted down a bit. I love getting to spend every day with Noah, even though some days feel a little lonely and lack in adult contact. I am lucky to be able to stay home and watch him learning and growing.

Noah is a full time walker (and climber) now. I feel like he has been determined to walk since the very moment he was born. He LOVES moving, he loves exploring, and he is so independent. He is always walking around examining everything in site and trying to figure out how it all works. He is such a smart little kid! I feel like I can never keep up with him he moves so quickly and is so curious!

Because of all this curiousness he tends to get into trouble a lot. A few of his favorite things to do are turn the TV off and on, push buttons on the remotes, dump over Coco's water bowl, open the toilet seat and play in the water, and get into all of the cabinets and pull things out. I have to be extra careful to keep the bathroom doors shut at all times now. He always knows when he's doing something bad. He makes sure to be extra quiet and then gives me a little grin when I catch him. He also thinks that "no" is the funniest word ever because he laughs every time I say it to him.

Noah loves everyone. He is always saying "hi" and smiling at strangers. As soon as he meets you he wants you to pick him up. He especially loves Grandpa Jensen who always plays with him and sings to him (which I unfortunately don't have an pictures of....). I'm glad I have such a social little baby.

He is also such a boy in that he loves playing with balls, and dirt, and looking out at cars from our balcony.

He loves his dad SO much! We always wait out on the balcony for him to come home after work, and Noah get's SO excited when dad gets home. He also gives the best smiles while  taking pictures with daddy!

He learned how to high five, and give kisses this month. You guys...getting kisses from your baby is probably the greatest joy in life. Oh man it's just so cute! One day I said "can I have kisses?" a few times and then he just did it! It is so cute and I love him.

I just love hanging out with this crazy cool kid every day! He is so happy and loving and cute and I'm lucky to be his mom!