Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pre-Wedding Video

So a few weeks ago Tom and I went to California to do some wedding things (dress fitting, fabric shopping, flower stuff etc.) My uncle Mike Jensen is a wedding videographer...Probably one of the best you will ever see (I really am not just saying that because he's my uncle...he's won awards!)...anyway he wanted to take a video of us to make a Wedding Trailer. Kind of like a movie preview. It just got finished being edited today and i am absolutely in LOVE with it! seriously...i sit and watch people's wedding videos for hours even if i don't even know them so you can probably imagine how many times i've watched it already haha.

Wedding things have been going well. We are both done with work so that we can take the next week to move my stuff into the house and clean it up before we go. Then next week we head to California to help with the wedding preparations :)

I am so excited and SO lucky to be marrying Tom. I couldn't ask for a kinder, more loving, more talented man to marry...I seriously don't know where this boy came from. He's wonderful. You will probably be able to see my happiness from this video so let's just get on with it :)

Here it is:

Katie & Tom | Pre-Wedding Trailer | Sacramento California LDS Temple from Jensen Films on Vimeo.

Or here is the link of that doesn't work for you:

PS you should really check out my uncle's work at