Thursday, May 29, 2014

Noah: 4 & 5 Months

AHHH I got so behind on this. Noah is almost 6 months now so it's been a while since I blogged. Oops! Turns out with a little one there really isn't much time for writing blogs. I probably should've just done a few short ones instead of just waiting and waiting because now I feel like I've forgotten all the milestones Noah has hit the past two months. He's hit a lot though!

Here's an update! I'm just gonna put 4&5 together since I can't remember when what happened.

Noah is on the move! Seriously in the past few months he has gone from not really being able to get anywhere to army crawling EVERYWHERE!! I can't leave him alone for half a second anymore. I can put toys all around him and he will ALWAYS go for the electronics in the room. This kid loves electronics. How did that even happen? He's only 5 months old! haha. But really he loves phones, computers, tvs, he just likes buttons. I think I need to get him some more toys with buttons and lights. Anyway, Yes he is on the move and SOOO close to crawling. He just needs to figure out how to move his right leg because he currently only uses the left leg and drags around the other. It's quite cute!

Sitting up! Noah has just recently started getting good at sitting up. I always thought this would come before crawling, but I shouldn't be surprised since I've always known this kid doesn't like to sit still. Learning to sit up was hard for him purely because he doesn't like to be in one spot for long so as soon as he'd get close he'd just roll over and start moving. But now he's getting pretty good at it and won't fall over as soon as he get's up! He will stay long enough for me to be able to take a picture or two :)
Thumb Sucking. Noah has now gotten into thumb sucking. Sometimes he will suck on both thumbs at the same time. I usually try to give him a binky when I see this happening because I know some bad consequences of Thumb Sucking (Ciara....), but It's nice that he can self soothe a little with his thumbs. Plus we all know it's just SOOO darn cute!!!

His Jumparoo...I found this on craigslist and had to try it out. It was definitely a success! He loves sitting on this thing and eating everything (don't worry I heavily disinfected it!). Thank goodness for this invention! It gives me a few seconds to do dishes.

Coco: We recently took back one of our dogs now that we felt like we had fully moved in. My mom said she would like to keep Nilla with her wich really worked out for us because I only have so many hands to take care of things. Noah LOVES dogs. He is always starring at her and laughing and her and grabbing her hair. Luckily Coco doesn't mind the hair grabbing too much. And Coco loves Noah as well she is always trying to give him kisses right on the mouth...ahhhh, but it's fun to watch these two try to figure each other out. Although sometimes it seems a little unsanitary when I catch Noah chewing on one of coco's toys....

Noah is starting to love going on walks. We went on a little walk around Disneyland one day (but had to leave since it was 100 degrees outside) and he LOVED it. We take walks daily now with Coco and Noah on the walking trail by our house before bed time. It's become my favorite part of each day.

Noah LOVES his dad. These guys are just the best of buddies. This picture cracks me up. Because this is literally just how they were sitting one Sunday. Just hanging out looking like a couple of models....I love them.

Noah has just become one of the happiest babies. I love that he is so full of emotion and energy. Sure, he's always quick to tell me if something's bothering him, but I also always know if he's happy and he is happy a lot! I love his smiles and laughs. The best thing is going into his room after he's just woken up and he's sitting there talking to himself and then he sees me and looks up and smiles. He is the cutest!