Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was looking back through my old e-mail account and i found this poem that i'm pretty sure i wrote and my sister fixed up for me back in high school. I just love my sisters and i'm so grateful for them in my life :)

Ode to Sisters

Sisters help you when you’re down
When no one else seems to care
They’re always their dry your tears
And for you they always say a prayer

They’ll let you borrow their favorite shirt
And always be there to give you a ride
They will be there to lend you some extra cash
And in them you can always confide

Sisters will love you no matter what
Unlike friends who come and go
They don’t care about your looks
Or about how much you know

Because they’re the ones who know the real you
Everything that you feel inside
And their the ones who won’t hesitate
To wipe away the tears you’ve cried

Your sisters are the ones who you always look up to
They teach you everything you need to know
You always want to be just like them
And you try your hardest as you grow

And although at times they can be quite annoying
You always love them just the same
And everyone knows life couldn’t be better
As long as you have your sisters to blame.