Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dearest Blogging world...

My mission papers are officially in....or at least they will be by tonight. My Stake President said so!

I can't explain how excited i am right now. I don't think i'll survive 2 or 3 weeks of waiting....but i guess i will have to!

But hey while we wait let's guess where i'm going!

I'll put your guess on my map.
and if you guess right're really cool! haha


Friday, January 21, 2011

My mission papers...

are almost done!! Everything is actually DONE i just have to get the bishop and stake president to push the SUBMIT buttons and then they'll be on their way!

I am so excited/nervous/just excited about it!

Probably 3 weeks from now i will know where i'm going! That's so exciting.

Where do you think i will go?

My mom printed out a list of all the different missions today. I decided i would love to go spanish speaking because i just think it'd be really useful to know spanish.

But Italy, Greece, and Africa are also high up on my list. Although i heard there are not many sisters in Africa

But stateside would be good too.
I don't know!

Everyone keeps saying Temple Square. So maybe i won't be going too far.
I'm just excited :)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Is something that sometimes i feel took me a long time to find. I think I used to think that things had to be going a certain way for life to be good, for me to be happy. But I've found in the past little while that it really doesn't matter how life is going, it matters what YOU are doing with what you've been given and how you are viewing what you've been given.
Life is just great.

And i just can't help myself from getting so excited when i think about things coming up :)