Friday, January 9, 2009

New Semester

It's Been SO long since i posted something. last time i posted i was missing my keys.
now i'm in a whole new apartment where i don't even need keys! just a simple code.
and by the way...i LOVE my new apartment
and my new ward
and my new roommates
and the hot tub right outside my apartment
and being right next to the laundry place
and being just far away enough from campus that i don't have to look at it all the time haha
and looking outside at the snow :)

basically this semester is a whole lot better than last.
and i still am not a huge fan of school, but i'm loving where i live now.
so it's so much better.
anyway here are the classes i'm taking:

Human Development
Marriage Prep (no i'm not getting married haha just's always good to be prepared)
American Heritage
Physical Science part A

none of them seem too bad.
so it should be an okay semester.
but i definitely am starting to figure out what i like and what i don't like
i really think that i want to do something with the school of family life.
i'm not sure what though...a lot of things with that i'd have to go to grad school to really do anything worthwhile with, but maybe i will do that.
even if i do hate school haha.

so that is about it.
christmas and new years were amazing.
and life is good.
love you all