Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sundays are great!

Man i love today.
Sunday's are just great.
Even though it's really is beautiful outside.
Me and my roommates are having a wonderful day.
And tonight i have a Noteworthy fireside.
And then tomorrow...I leave for home YAY!
I'm so excited to go home
and now i'm going home for a whole week...because my ride ended up having to be back for work so i had to get a flight back to Provo, and they were all really expensive except for next tuesday. So i'll leave tomorrow and then come back the following Tuesday. I'm just really excited :)

Yay thanksgiving.

And christmas is coming! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do you remember your dreams?

I usually never remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning, but lately I've remembered every single one. And i've realized that a lot of the time i dream about things that happen to me while i'm sleeping.

For example:
I sleep with a lot of little blankets and the other night one somehow got wrapped around my neck and when that happen i dreamed that one of my friends was hugging me and would not let go! It was pretty funny.

Another example:
This was probably the funniest dream ever.

You know when you're sick so you're forced to breathe through your mouth? I always hate that because number one people say you eat spiders! number two, your throat gets REALLY dry and hurts when you wake up in the morning

Anyway the other night this happened. And when i went to bed apparently my throat was hurting so bad that it caused this dream.

There i was just hanging out with my mom and some friends when all of the sudden these people were trying to get into my safe (i'm not sure what was in the safe but it was VERY important i'm sure). Anyway so i'm trying to hide the key to my safe but i can't find a place good enough to hide the key. After many failed attempts at finding a spot to hide my key I decide to swallow it. I put it in my mouth and start to swallow but it won't go down. I try about 5 times before i wake up and realize that my throat is so dry it hurts...

haha i just think that dreaming is a funny thing. the things our minds come up with. It's great.

anyway other than that i don't have much to say

except HARRY POTTER 7 is AMAZING!!!!! seriously. best movie i've ever seen. I laughed, i cried, i screamed...So great :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too much Estrogen in my life...

I love Noteworthy, I love my major, and i LOVE my roommates but you see none of these things are a way for me to make guy friends. It turns out that since coming to BYU i have not actually made ANY guy friends. It's alright i suppose i mean i love what i'm doing, but there are times like today where i really just need some boys. Not dates, not a boyfriend...just some guys. Is that too much to ask for?

Life is beautiful..just too girly.

It's beginning to look a lot like Thanksgiving...

Oh man, I have been looking forward to this next week all semester. Even though I didn't even know if i was going to be able to go home for Thanksgiving. But let me tell you I have never been so excited to go home in my life! I need some good ol' California time. I've been so excited that it's kind of distracted me from school (it doesn't take much to distract me from that) haha. But it's actually been good in a way because i was so excited that i just wrote 2 papers today...that aren't even due till thursday! that NEVER happens!

These past few weeks have just flown by...seriously i don't even remember anything that has happened this semester it seems like i just got here! I've been so busy with Noteworthy, doing things with my roommates, STARTING MY MISSION PAPERS...that things have gone by quickly. Which is good. I'm glad time is flying right now because i'm excited for this school year to be over hah.

And yes if you didn't catch that, I started my mission papers yesterday! I am SO excited about that. It took me a while to decide whether or not I wanted to go, but I have had so many confirmations that i know i need to do this. Of course i got the whole "it's better to get married" speech from my bishop when i talked to him, but he was really excited for me and just made me all the more excited! I can't turn my papers in until January so i've still got a while, but I started them :)

So that's exciting news. Other than that I'm just...cold. It's freezing here...and I am NOT ready for the snow to start sticking. It's snowed/rained a few times the past week and i can handle that just fine, but once it starts to stick i'm dead. Especially since the stairs are closed so i'll have to climb up the steep hill to get to class...that's an accident just waiting to happen. Haha.
But it's okay because after thanksgiving it's only a few more weeks until Christmas break and i'm even more excited for that than i am for Thanksgiving. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

Life is Beautiful.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Exciting things are in the very near future...

and i just thought you should know.
Today is wonderful despite the rain and freezing cold temperatures.
I am starting something wonderful tomorrow...
something that will change my life
and hopefully change many other lives once May rolls around
And I am SO Excited.

That is all. :)

Life is Beautiful

P.S. The Noteworthy CD is also going to be submitted tomorrow to get printed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not a cloud in my personal Sky...

Well at the moment i'm waiting for my kitchen floor to dry, i just mopped it. I'm listening to Sarah B., Noteworthy, and Sara Haze. And i'm thinking about how wonderful life is and how lucky i am to have such an amazing life. Seriously, I know i complain a lot but in the past few weeks i ahve really learned how to be happy. And not the fake "yeah i'm fine" happy, but really truly happy.
After rehearsal me and Cassie went to Walmart to go grocery shopping. I've really been trying to get healthier foods at the grocery store lately. And i must say i did a really good job today. Eating healthy is a little more expensive, but it just makes you feel better when you actually eat your fruits and vegetables everyday. Plus we've been talking about health a lot in my family meal planning class, and if i ever expect my kids to eat healthy foods i better start!
Now i'm cleaning. I came home and I finally discovered what has been making our apartment smell kind of funny...our trashcan was moldy on the bottom. Gross. Apparently someone had put something in there without a bag and was gross. So i cleaned that. Then did the dishes cleaned the kitchen, swept, mopped, cleaned the living room. Man i just love to clean sometimes. Is that weird?
Anyway the kitchen floor is almost dry, and i've got to finish cleaning the apartment before i have to leave for my gig tonight.
But i just wanted to say that life is so much better when you learn to love yourself and when you learn to just be content with where things are, even if you don't quite know where they are going. And that Heavenly Father answers prayers, even though sometimes we feel like he isn't, we just need to remember that he knows when we need them answered and we just need to learn a little patience. When we are trying to do the right things we can be happy, no matter what is going wrong and answers will come in the Lord's time.

Life is beautiful.

Here, have a song :)

Beautiful Day - Sara Haze

Saturday is the smile on Mona Lisa’s face
A little spare change given
to the stranger on the corner
A pile of leaves deep enough
for my soul to jump into
And all my doubts fall away
and lead me here to say

It’s a beautiful day,
summer songs outside my window pane
And I don’t need my umbrella ‘
cause I’ve already been through the rain
I can feel the sunshine on my face,
not a cloud in my personal sky
It’s a beautiful day, It’s a beautiful day

Change the world,
you know I would if I could
But all I have
are my blue jeans and my black t-shirt
And that’s just fine,
‘cause everyday you know I try
To make art not war,
let love reign and lead the world to say

It’s a beautiful day,
summer songs outside my window pane
And I don’t need my umbrella
‘cause I’ve already been through the rain
I can feel the sunshine on my face,
not a cloud in my personal sky
It’s a beautiful day, It’s a beautiful day

The light will shine in my perfect sky,
The morning sun will be yours and mine

And I’ll hold my breath and pray
It’s a beautiful day,
summer songs outside my window pane
And I don’t need my umbrella
‘cause I’ve already been through the rain
I can feel the sunshine on my face,
not a cloud in my personal sky
It’s a beautiful day, It’s a beautiful day,
It’s a beautiful day, It’s a beautiful day