Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tom and Katie: Part II

Finally what you've all been waiting for....Part II

So after Christmas break we got back to Provo. I had been wanting to tell him I loved him all of Christmas break, BUT I was going to make him do it first. He finally said it January 9th I believe and that's when we really started talking a lot about getting married. We spent every moment together and life was great. I met some of his brothers and  sisters in law and nieces/nephews and fell in love with the whole family.

We started looking at rings in February and I found one i LOVED the first place we went (Wilson's Diamond's, his friend works their and it's only in Provo and they are great i would highly recommend it!). He ordered the ring in mid February and that's when the guessing game began.

First of all, he told me the ring wouldn't be ready for about 3 weeks so we wouldn't be getting engaged until March 6th probably at the earliest. Also, he told me that his parents wanted me to meet his whole family before we were engaged...and i was meeting them all March 4th.

I still played the guessing game everyday wondering if it was going to happen soon. Feb 17th-20th we took a trip to California over a 3 day weekend and i looked for dresses. I found my dress at the 2nd store we went to. A little place in Placerville, CA called Renfros. My dress is beautiful! I am SO excited. I can't even tell you how perfect it is!! These adorable english women own the place and they are just my favorite people. I would give you a preview of my dress but...who knows if Tom will ever discover this post so i'd better not. But here are some pics of that weekend.

Anyway so the next weekend i met his parents. We went to dinner and it was good! I love all of his family and it just made me more and more excited/ready to get engaged. The weekend after I met his parents we had planned a trip to southern California to go to Disneyland and so I could meet more of his family and see where he grew up.

Oh and also. Before this weekend he told me that my ring wasn't ready yet and that he was going to have to propose with a fake one (which is true), and that the fake one would be ready the week after we got back. So i was pretty convinced that it wasn't going to happen that weekend.

We got there Friday night and just hung out at his house for a while then went to bed to get rested up for Disneyland!!

Saturday morning we were about to leave when my mom called me and told me that Disneyland had a bomb scare and was on lock down. AH! We were worried we wouldn't be able to get there (Tom tells me he would've proposed at the beach that we'd gone to before if Disneyland hadn't opened back up).

But at about 10:30 we decided to just drive and hang out at Downtown Disney until it opened. Luckily, as soon as we got there it opened back up and they gave us free parking! :)

So that day we just went around Disneyland and California adventure and had a great time. We ate Mickey Shaped Pretzels and Hamburgers and rode Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, California Screaming....It was great.

Then we had some reservations at Ariel's Grotto (if you get reservations there you also get front row seats to The World of Color). The dinner there was AMAZING! we weren't expecting it to be so much food so we had eaten a lot earlier in the day, but man was it delicious!

Those are the desserts we got. So great :)

So after we ate we headed to the World of Color. FRONT ROW SEATS!! So amazing. LOVED IT! We were literally just feet away from the water. It was great.

After world of color we had fast passes to Tower of Terror. Oh man. If you've been to Disneyland with me you know I have a love hate relationship with this one. I LOVE roller coasters but for some reason this one freaks me out!!! But i LOVE it....but i HATE it....as you will probably see from my face in this photo 

After this we went back over to Disneyland and we were pretty tired. So we went over by Snow White's wishing well by the Castle if you don't know where that is here's a photo. It's on the right hand side.

So we were sitting there just talking and then we get up and are standing on the bridge. There is no one else there so it is absolutely perfect. This is when he tells me...."so i told a little lie...you don't really have to meet my whole family before we can get engaged" (I hadn't met them all yet). And then i see him start reaching for his pocket. This is when i say "Are you serious?!" and start freaking out a little bit. Then he got down on one knee and said "Katie will you marry me" (he says that in that moment he forgot everything else romantic he was going to say, but i think it was perfect!). And I say "YES" about fifty times and pick him up and hug him and he puts the ring (the fake one) on my finger. Photo time...PS Sorry i only really took kissing pictures at this point haha.

 So we were engaged. And the rest of the night i just walked around feeling SO happy. I called my mom and then we just walked around for a little while more and drove back home :)

The next day we went to to church where i just got to show off my ring to everyone from his home Ward. And i met a ton of people and told the story a few times. Then we took a little 20 minute trip to the beach because it was so warm. And then flew back to Salt Lake.

Once Back in Utah we made a little stop at the temple because we just weren't ready to be back in Provo Yet.

So there you have it. The story of Us. We are getting married in the Sacramento Temple July, 6th and we are SO excited! Tom is the greatest guy I've ever known and I am so happy to be with him forever. He is my best friend and so talented and smart and funny and I can't want to be married to him. I'm a very lucky girl. 


Life is Beautiful

P.S. when i get the real ring i'll post more pictures of that since everyone keeps asking to see it! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Story of Tom and Katie: Part I

Okay i can't even remember the last time i posted on here. But i'm sure no on really cares except for my mom haha. But this is for her!

A little over a year ago my friend Cassie, from Noteworthy, told me that her brothers band NICO needed some backup singers. She asked if i would go with her to sing and it sounded like fun so i did. When we got to her brothers house i met everyone in the band, including this cute keyboard player. He told me his name was Tom and then we started talking. He mentioned something about his misssion and i asked where he'd gone. He told me he went to Sydney, Australia. One of my best friends, Michael, was there at the time and i asked if he knew him and he did! 

That was about the only conversation we had for the next year. I sang a few times with NICO but never really stayed long after singing so we never talked other than that one time. He tells me he wanted to ask me out but thought I had a boyfriend. I say he should've asked me out anyway.....But that never happened so we both went on with life. 

I stopped singing with them and went home for a semester because i was planning on serving a mission. I got my call and never felt quite right about it so i ended up staying home and coming back to BYU. Last October Cassie called me and told me she had been asked again to find someone to sing backups with her in a Country band, so I said sure!

I think it was the very next day that we were supposed to go to band practice with a bunch of songs memorized so we learned the backups real quick and then went over to the guy's house who'd asked us to help out....turns out that guy was Tom (he was playing keys in this band as well). We went to his house and practiced a little then went to the rehearsal. For some reason Cassie had me sit Shotgun even though Tom and I didn't really know eachother (I think this whole thing was her plan all along). So we started talking about music and things and I started wondering why we'd never talked last year. We got to band practice and it was great...then i sat shotgun on the way home again and we joked about how cheesy country music was while we listened to Beyonce to get the songs out of our heads.

When i got to Noteworthy rehearsal the next day Cassie says "So...how would you feel if Tom asked you on a date?".......I tried not to sound too excited and said "I'd feel great about that!".....So i figured the next rehearsal he'd probably ask for my number and all that....

BUT turns out the Band couldn't afford to have two backup singers and since Cassie had been asked first they asked Tom to fire me. So I never went to a second rehersal. LUCKILY i had added Tom on facebook. He thought of a way to get my number and messaged me telling me that even though I couldn't be in the country band he had another band that was performing on Halloween and asked if i would want to sing with them. I said yes and then he said "Great can i get your number so i can let you know when practice is?" (you sneaky Tom).

So i went to a rehearsal and sang with them a little, but ended up being REALLY sick on Halloween and couldn't perform with them. But he already had what he needed (my number), so he called me up and asked me on a date for the next week. We went to his house and made tacos and sat by the fire and just talked and talked and talked. It all pretty much went downhill from there.

I went home for Thanksgiving, but after that we saw eachother every day. I didn't have a ride home for Christmas so he offered to add 7 hours onto his drive and take me home. The drive home was great even though we almost ran out of gas. It's funny how the 10 hour drive didn't seem long enough when usually i'm dying by the end of it. But we go to Sacramento and He met my family and we took a trip to San Fransisco.

I was in love. My family Loved him. Life was great....but Christmas Break was pretty much unbearable and we talked to each other every night for hours on the phone (which is saying a lot considering i HATE talking on the phone). The 3 weeks seemed like WAY too long and there were multiple times when i almost changed my flight to an earlier one. But 3 weeks passed by and it was time to go back to Provo.

Sadly i have to go to an ASL movie now so i can't finish this post...but part II will be here later. :)

Holy cow this is a long post...I'm sorry!