Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OH and also...

Here are some picture updates. :)

Noteworthy Photo Shoot (Molly Hunter Photography)

Recording Studio
Vocal Point Concert

KSL Studios


I have this problem called i can't focus on my assignment until it's the last minute...

does anyone else?
i swear every time i try to get a paper done early i just can't focus on it. nothing comes to mind and i find that i just sit there and do nothing for hours and end up giving up. I'm trying to get ahead because I'm going to Burbank on Saturday and will likely be there for a lot of the month of December. i have a lot of papers due in my intro to family processes class as well as my D&C class. i know i need to finish most of this stuff before i leave but i just can't bring myself to do it. it's a problem.

i admit that i think i do a lot better when i know i HAVE to get it done that day. mostly every paper i have written in the past year and a half of college has come back with an A or B...so it's not like my procrastination is bad for my grades when it comes to papers...

but i really should be getting these papers done...


P.S. I saw courtney on tv today! After watching TV for 2 days straight i finally saw the Sing Off commercial that she's on! woo!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay...so here's the big news that noteworthy has been waiting to talk about for the past few months!!!

we are going to be on the new reality series on NBC called "the sing off". this is a mini series of only 4 episodes with a sort of american idol feel but for acappella groups. the first three episodes Dec. 14-16 are done by judges votes, and the finale Dec. 21st is done by america's vote. We have been working really hard to prepare for the show and we are so greatful for this opportunity. we leave for LA on saturday and we will be there for most of december! crazy!! we will definitely keep you updated on how things are going. but i hiope all of you will watch the show because it's going to be really fun!! :) here's some info on the other groups and such.


The eight groups in NBC's The Sing-Off—competing for $100,000 and an Epic Records/Sony recording contract—will be: The Tufts Beelzebubs from Boston, Massachusetts Brigham Young's Noteworthy from Provo, Utah Face from Boulder, Colorado Maxx Factor from Baltimore, Maryland Nota from San Juan Puerto Rico The SoCals from Los Angeles, California Solo from Omaha, Nebraska Voices of Lee from Cleveland, Tennesse It's on. NBC will premiere its new singing competition special The Sing-Off on Monday, Dec. 14. The four-night show will feature a cappella groups from across the country competing for a recording contract with Eric Records/Sony Entertainment.



Friday, November 20, 2009

The Best 24 Hours EVER

The power of positive thinking...Is quite amazing.

Yesterday Courtney, Cassie (one of the Noteworthy girls), and I went grocery shopping in between classes. None of us were really having a super great day. So on the way back we just decided that we would stop by the newly opened IN-N-Out. [I'll admit, i was not fond of the idea of in-n-out being built in Utah. First of all, it's like bringing the beach here...you just can't do it. It's MY thing...MY California thing, the thing that i get really excited for when i go home, the first meal i have once i get close to home, the place we went to after high school football games and dances, the place where i have so many memories...having it so readily accessible here just didn't seem right.] ANYWAY that was a big tangent. So we went into In-n-out...and all three of us just looked at eachother and almost started crying. It turns out that having a little piece of home here is Provo is just what we needed to start the best 24 hours we've ever had. We got through the line pretty quickly, and after we got out we started formulating a plan to make that day the best day ever. Starting at 1 p.m. yesterday, we decided to have the BEST 24 HOURS EVER. and to change our normal, boring days into something exciting. So after a wonderful round of in-n-out burgers, we went home, put away our groceries, and headed to the dollar theater. We were too late for harry potter so we decided to see love happens...it was about 3:30 and the movie didn't start till 4:50...so the three of us sat around in the movie theater for an hour and a half just messing around. it was great...from that point on...the day just seemed to get better and better. and to be honest...nothing REALLY exciting happened. we just decided to make it a great day, and it was. So i think the moral of the story is: your attitude really is everything...you can make ANY day the best day of your life as long as you put your mind to it.

Here's a list of some other things that made the day wonderful:
*hide-n-seek in the movie theater
*leaping down the theater isles
*old man Lyle giving me a grocery cart
*Love happens (great movie)
*The song we'd been listening to in the car all day (Dream by Pricilla Ahn) just happened to be in the movie!
*We got a good cry in during the movie
*Mr. Napkin Head
*Cassie's in-n-out bag throwing up on her
*my wonderful reflexes to catch the burger before it fell into a million pieces
*perfect seat placement for feet
*Cassie Matching our theater
*Singing Listen at the top of our lungs in the car
*Exciting new movies coming out (it just so happens that the last two books i read by Nicolas sparks are both coming out next year :))
*9 Days till Kelsey's wedding
*5 Minute interval Texts
*Wonderful Intro To Family Processes class
*Best Chicken Nuggets, and Sundae ever from McDonalds
*New Moon
*Courtney sitting by herself in the theater
*free Popcorn
*PB&J in line for the movie
*me and amber getting lost for about 15 minutes tryin to find our line for New Moon
*Hot Tamales
*Good rehearsal :)

It was just a wonderful day. and i needed it...badly.

P.S. there will be pictures/ videos soon...i feel like my posts are so boring lately without them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Many Faces of the Testing Center

So today I went and took a test in the testing center. Before i took it I thought i'd get a little studying in. So I sat in the hall right by where people come out after they are done with their tests. As i was sitting there...i didn't really get much studying done because i kept looking over at people as they looked up onto the screen that tells you how you did on your test.

This screen is both loved and hateed by every student at BYU. It's the screen that'll say "GOOD JOB" if you got an A, but it's also the screen that will display your 42% for all the world to see. I realized that you can tell a lot about how a person did just by the look on their face as they leave the testing center. So here are the many different faces i saw today:

First, we have the "ignorance is bliss" crowd. Those are the people who don't even glance up at the screen. After all of their studying (or lack of studying), they'd rather not see what they got on the test.

We also have the "everyone should know how good i did on this test" crowd. These are the ones who's facebook status's will probably change in the next few minutes to "so and so got an A on his/her test!" or "so and so is a genius". Mass texts are about to be sent to everyone they know. You can see as they stand there looking at their score that they feel like they are on top of the world, and would like everyone passing by to ask "how'd you do" just so they can yell out "I GOT AN A!!".

Then we have the "i wish i was a magician" people. These people stand in the hallway gazing at the screen as if they are thinking "if only i was harry potter and could change my test score with the flick of a wand from a 40 to a 95". Or maybe they are hoping if they stare long enough the screen will blow up into a million pieces.

We have the "i am a failure" category. This was probably the category I fell into most of last year haha. These people stare at the screen...trying not to look sad so that people don't know they failed, but secretly on the inside a few tears are falling. These people try not to make eye contact with anyone so that no one will ask how they did, BUT if anyone asked they would merely say..."eh i did alright" while knowing that they failed epically.

Then there's the category of "whew, thank goodness i didn't fail". These people glance up at the screen for approx. 2 seconds. They look up...see that there are no happy words by their score...but also see that they didn't fail...and walk out into the world no different than when they walked in.

Finally, we have the "I DID IT" category. These students went into their test KNOWING they would fail, but somehow came out with an A. These are the students that every other student who is not in this category hates. The look at the screen and their whole face lights up...these people know that miracles DO happen, and suddenly everything that was sad about their day is now wonderful. :)

So i know you're all wondering which of these i fell into after my test today. I would say i fell into the "whew, thank goodness i didn't fail" category....I ended up with a pretty good score for how much studying i did...which was not very much. So my day hasn't really changed because of my score. I'm okay with that.

My goal of this year is still to have happy words by my score. This has never happened...i got about 1% away from happy words on my Family Processes test the other day so it's coming soon. I feel it.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today.