Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i just realized...

how i got through a year without snow...
you don't lose things when you drop them on the ground overnight and it's not snowing.
because they don't get covered with snow...
but when it snows a lot...
you can't find anything you dropped the night before...

yes...i dropped my keys while frolicking in the snow last night.
and i can't find them...
because they've been covered in snow...
now i have to pay for them.
and i have no money...
i'm sure i will find them once spring comes around
and the snow melts
but by then it will be too late...
sad day.
anyone want to donate to my keys fund?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas time.

I'm wondering how i ever got through a Christmas without it being a white one...
I've seen snow outside my window when i've woken up for the past few days...
and i find it to be one of the most beautiful things.
I was actually kind of dreading the snow because it's cold and wet and slippery,
but now that it's actually here...i absolutely LOVE it!
It really makes Christmas feel so much more...Christmasy :)
I was at my friend jana's house tonight,
and we left at about midnight to come home and when we stepped outside...it was perfectly white...and hadn't been touched...it was beautiful.
It's FREEZING and i'm dying of cold...
but i LOVE the snow!!! :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Life is Crazy...but i LOVE it!

Quite a lot has happened recently but i haven't has ANY time to update this...i guess i will start from thanksgiving break. It was AMAZING i was SO glad to go home for a little bit and be able to see my family, friends, drive lots!, and just get a break from school. School is getting to be super crazy because of finals and i have a ton to do. especially because...exciting news...I'm moving off campus!

Not sure if anyone got the idea that i was not having a good time in my ward or in the dorms, but i wasn't. I've been thinking about moving out of the dorms since the first week i got here haha. Me and two of my friends have been trying So many places looking for 3 free spaces which is REALLY hard for winter semester because most people have year-long contracts, but yesterday we found a place that is perfect and has 3 spaces open for us in the same apartment! We also went to the ward yesterday to check it out, since that is one of my main reasons for leaving the dorms, and we LOVED it. It's a really social ward, and i probably met more people there yesterday than i have this whole semester in my own ward. The Rent there is almost 100 dollars cheaper, and even though it's farther away, i have an actual living room, tv, and i can paint the walls haha So i'm really excited to be living here. I think i will definitely enjoy the atmosphere there...

And i am happy to say that i am LOVING Noteworthy. At first things were really stressful with work and all the rehearsals, but now that the whole learning a song every night thing is over it's SO FUN! we have shows every single night this week and it's going to be crazy considering i still have to pack up all of my stuff, move it out, write some papers, and study for finals, but i'm sure everyting is going to work out...anyway. just thought i'd give you all an update...oh and i put some noteworthy videos on my page. :)

Love <3

Monday, December 1, 2008

Quote for today

So today i went over to the eye doctor with one of my roommates, and as i sat there waiting i read O magazine. As i read the magazine, one thing popped out at me. It said:

"Happiness is not a set of desirable life circumstances; it's a way of traveling."

for some reason that really stood out to me and i haven't been able to forget about it since i read it. I am definitely a "glass half empty" type of person, and not because i like to be miserable, just because i don't see the point in hoping for things that won't happen...and i know this is a very pessimistic view on life, and i don't mean to sound that way, but as i read this I realized, once again, that life is what you make it. and i definitely don't seem to make it all it can be. These past 5 or 6 months have been pretty rough for me, and don't seem to be getting much better, but i know that if i can get myself to just sit back and remember to travel happily then things will seem better than they are. it's just a matter of being able to do that.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am SO blessed.

Wow. I have had an amazing experience tonight.

So a year or so ago, Savannah, Natalie, Courtney, and I sang "God be with You Till we Meet Again" at a funeral. We also sang it in church and a few other places, and we just took a little video of it at the end of last school year when we sang it for Michael's family in his living room. I was putting a bunch of other videos on youtube, and i decided to stick that one up too just so i could watch it when i went to BYU and was missing home.

Turns out Youtube is blocked here on campus, so i could never get on to watch the videos and such, but i just found a way around that a few days ago (oops). Anyway, so i went on tonight, and found a message that i had received from a girl on Oct. 27th of this year. So not too long ago. When i read it, tears came to my eyes. The subject was "Youve Changed My Life" and here is how it went:

i just wanted to let you know that during my parents divorce every night i cried until i found your video god be with you till we meet again.just like the subject says it really made my life way better.To this day it still inspires me to do more things. i am an lds girl of my own and i live in sin city, it is very hard to find the spirit here. i often find myself singing that song in my head to stop me from crying.I honestly would like to say to you that u saved my life, before u being an example to me i had considered suicide.... i even had a plan.I can easily say to you that they day i found that very video, was the best day of my life. thank you so much

Wow. I can't believe that our little video could have that big of an impact on someone. It just made me realize how amazing the Lord is...and how much he loves us all. This girl just happened to come accross my video...that i never even thought was very good...and it changed her life. I am just amazed that something I did could be an answer to someone's prayer...and maybe even have saved someone's life. It makes me realize how blessed i am to have the talents that i have been given and to be able to have such amazing friends and family who i can sing with and share those talents with. I'm so glad that some little thing we did one day in michael's living room could have such a HUGE affect on a girl i've never met.

I hope you all know how much i love you and just realize how much the Lord loves us all. He answers our prayers in such amazing ways. Even youtube videos can be a source of comfort in your time of need.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

If nothing else at least this nasty cough syrup puts me to sleep...

so i'm feeling a little better today...whatever i have isn't so much in my chest now...
it's moved to my head and throat...so i'm not sure if i'd say i'm better...
i've just got something different haha.

anyway, so i have to take this nasty cherry cough syrup every 3-4 hours.
it's so GROSS...i feel like it's doing nothing for me.
but it DOES make me sleep...A LOT...i feel like that's all i do lately.
noteworthy shows and sleep.
and when i'm not sleeping...the medicine definitely makes me kind of crazy.

i called my work at 3 today apparently to tell them i wouldn't be there.
and at 3:10 i picked up my phone to call them again
cuz i'd forgotten that i'd already called.
good thing i went into my recent calls and saw that i'd already called haha.

but yeah, so i'm feeling better i guess. hopefully i'm totally better by monday.
i need to be.
because i have tests to take. and classes to go to. AH

oh and...there are more videos up on facebook of noteworthy.
you should check them out :)


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Ending.

Here's Noteworthy from last night singing Happy Ending.
Courtney is singing the solo.
I start off on the very left of the video...


Respiratory Condition...

So i went to the student health center yesterday.
and i saw Brother Cameron (who's a member of my ward's bishopric and also a doctor)
he told me all of these big words about some respiratory condition that's going around.
and apparently i have it.
he said that 50% of the people who get it...have it for 6-8 days and then it goes away.
the other 50%...have it for 6-8 days...it goes away...and then it comes back.

hopefully i'm in the first 50%.

last night's show went REALLY well.
i had a blessing Tuesday night from my FHE bros.
and then another one right before the show from Amy's brother.
pretty much all i have to say is...the church is true.
i could barely talk before the show, and i had a solo.
but once i got on stage...i was able to sing my solo, and mostly everything else (minus a note or two haha)
and i was so worried about forgetting all of the choreo because i was focusing so much on my voice, but for the most part...i remembered it all.
honestly...i think i did better with the sickness than i might've been able to do w/out it.

but this morning...i woke up with no voice...
it's come back a little now...but i'm still super sick.
so everyone stay away from me for a while haha.
and pray that i do okay on my tests that i have coming up.
cuz i can't go to class for a few days because i'm still contagious.

anyway...that is all.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I WOULD be the one to get bronchitis.

AH i have bronchitis.
and it's the day of my show.
this is not good.
i woke up today not being able to breathe...and sounding like a smoker.
let's all just pray that it gets better by 7 tonight.
i got a blessing last night from my FHE bros...so it'll be okay.
and i'm going to the doctor in a little bit.
hopefully they can do something to clear me out.
because i have a solo tonight too...
i just hope it goes alright tonight. AHH

i seem to always be getting sick before big shows.
last time i had a big show i was having a kidney stone haha.
just my luck i guess.


oh and p.s. YAY FOR PROP 8 PASSING :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Learning to Love Learning

Well today has been quite a day.
I went to my 8 o'clock class.
went to breakfast at the scoreboard grill (french toast and bacon...yummm :) )
Then i came home.
took a shower, did 3 loads of Laundry (it's been a while)
I did my living prophets hmwk...which took forever.
I went grocery shopping (again, it's been a LONG while)
Then i came home and finished my final draft of my english research paper.
I had to fix it up a whole lot because i didn't really spend that much time on my rough draft.
so now i just finished all that.
and i have noteworthy rehearsal in about 30 mins....until 11.
i'm hoping to get to bed right when i get home tonight...because i need my sleep.
i've had heartburn ALL day today for some reason...which is REALLY weird.
i've NEVER had it before...so i don't even have anything to take for it.
i just need some sleep...
so hopefully i get to bed earlier than usual tonight.

but yeah so for my Living Prophets Hmwk tonight.
we had 3 talks we had to read...
all of them were about education and such.
and there was one i really liked by Elder Bednar.
it was called
"Learning to Love Learning"
kind of ironic considering what i just posted the other day.
I DEFINITELY need to learn to love learning.

There were a few things I really liked about this...so i thought i'd put them up for those of you who are like me and need to learn to love learning...

"Learning to love learning is central to the gospel of Jesus Christ,
is vital to our ongoing spiritual and personal development,
and is an absolute necessity in the world in which we
do now and will yet live, serve, and work."

The Savior said, “Learn of me, and listen to my words;
walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and
you shall have peace in me” (D&C 19:23).

The Holy Ghost reveals and witnesses the truth of all things
and brings all things to our remembrance. The Holy
Ghost is the teacher who kindles within us an abiding
love of and for learning.

Some facts are helpful or interesting to know.
Some knowledge is useful to learn and apply.
But gospel truths are essential for us to understand
and live if we are to become what our
Heavenly Father yearns for us to become.

You and I are here upon the earth to prepare for eternity,
to learn how to learn, to learn things that are temporally
important and eternally essential, and to assist others
in learning wisdom and truth (see D&C 97:1).
Understanding who we are, where we came from,
and why we are upon the earth places upon each
of us a great responsibility both to learn how to learn
and to learn to love learning.

As we press forward in life—spiritually, interpersonally,
and professionally—no book of answers is readily
available with guidelines and solutions to the great
challenges of life. All we have is our capacity to learn
and our love of and for learning.

My knowledge is, if you will follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and his Apostles, as recorded in the New Testament, every man and woman will be put in possession of the Holy Ghost. . . . They will know things that are, that will be, and that have been. They will understand things in heaven, things on the earth, and things under the earth, things of time, and things of eternity, according to their several callings and capacities. [JD 1:243] - Brigham Young

anyway i just REALLY loved this talk. so i thought i'd share it with you.



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Katie is going to be a better student now...

So after a few tests that haven't gone so well, and many stressful days...I've decided to be a better student. My days have been so packed i haven't found any time to do what i really need to, which is study...I think I've just been making the excuse that i have no time...and yeah, i am SUPER busy, but i do have a little time every day that i can spend studying instead of taking a 30 min nap, or sitting on facebook, or blogger...(oops).
So basically...i'm going to try really hard to focus now, and to go to EVERY class EVERY day, and to find time to study for tests not just the night before, but at least a few days before. College definitely isn't the same as high school...where I could take a test and Ace it without ever studying...So now's the time for me to learn HOW to study and how much to study. I need to plan out my days in advance...every minute...that way i don't lose track of what i need to be doing. and that is what i'm going to do.
I think this next week is going to be REALLY hard with the noteworthy show coming up so fast. It's been so crazy trying to balance that with school because we are learning at such a fast pace, but i'm going to try and fit it all together...hopefully i have a little time to enjoy life too...maybe i can schedule that into my list too...from 12 - 12:05 everyday...."enjoy life time" haha. No i think i can find more time to relax...i just need to figure out how to get everything else done too.
Anyway that is all. I should go do some hmwk now...


Monday, October 20, 2008



Noteworthy Photoshoot! :)

so on saturday noteworthy had their annual photoshoot!
it was WAY fun.
here are some pics.
there are more at willduris.com/note but they're just proofs
so some of them aren't that cute haha.
but yeah basically...noteworthy rocks my world.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not a fan of this weather...

oh man...i'm thinking that my body hates this weather.
cuz every time i go outside i get more and more sick.
it's not so fun...i personally like being cold more than i like being hot, but i HATE being sick.
i sound like man right now haha...actually it's pretty funny.

but anyway i haven't really put much up here lately.
nothing too exciting has been happening in my life.
i've been SUPER busy with mid-terms and everything.
hopefully this week will be better since i'm all done with those now.

i'm just trying to get the hang of everything still.
my life is pretty hectic. and and the same time...
i feel like i don't do much.
i DID go to the football game on saturday with courtney
it was fun! and it snowed a little bit.

but yeah, anyway. i think i'm going to take some cold medicine and pass out now.
my head hurts.

hope everyone is doing well.
Love you all <3

oh and p.s. here's a pic of me and courtney at the game :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i'm a smurf....

so this week is homecoming week, and today we had a "true blue" activity.
They had a BUNCH of foam machines at Helaman field. and all of the foam was blue.
so me and my roomies decided to go check it out....and I am now TOTALLY blue.
it was SO much fun though.
here are some pics :D

Sadly my purse was turned blue as well...anyone want to donate a new one? haha

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Church is True :D


So i sit down to watch conference today. and i swear every single talk was pointed at me. they all talked at least once about how stress and pessimism can make you like physically ill and tired and depressed. HELLO...that's me right now. Pretty sure i've been stressing myself out a little too much. Cuz i just don't feel to hot right now. plus i'm super tired. and not too happy at the moment.

Oh and i'm definitely going to the open house for the Rome, Italy temple.
want to come with me?

anyway savannah and nat are here so i'm going to go hang with them, but just so you know

the church really IS true. :D

did anyone else fall in love with those little kids singing today?
cuz i did.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


am feeling SO overwhelmed. AH

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Interesting adventure....

So last night. Me and some of my friends were hanging out, and at about 10 o'clock at night we decided it might be fun to go climb the Y. I thought it'd be fun since i've never climbed it before...and i figured it'd only take about 2 hours to do because that's what i've heard. so i wasn't too worried about getting home super late or anything...so i went along.

Turns out, though, none of us knew how to get to the start of the trail, so we parked in some random neighborhood and found what looked to be the start of the trail....(it definitely wasn't) after climbing for about an hour and realizing this definitely wasn't the trail i started getting worried about getting home late...(i had noteworthy reahearsal at 9 in the mng today).

Anyway...so we're walking on this random trail, and then FINALLY we find where the REAL trail start is....i was pretty much Extremely worn out at this point because i hadn't eaten much that day...i hadn't been home at all so i just didn't have time...so basically i felt like i was going to die...(it probably had something to do with the fact i never excercise as well...but we'll just blame it on the elevation ;) )

So we start climbing up the switchbacks to get to the Y...and i feel like i'm going to pass out...seriously it's like straight uphill...not my thing let me tell you. So after going through 3 of the switchbacks...and realizing that it's now 1 in the morning...i lost all excitement for seeing the Y...so me and my friend decided that we'd just sit and wait while the others went up to the Y...We waited there for about 45 minutes...it was insane.

THEN...we realized we had no idea how to get BACK to our car...we KIND OF knew the general direction of the car so we started walking that way...but then we couldn't find the trail we'd been walking on to get back to our car...so we just started making our own trail...oh man...i literally slid down half-way down the mountain. it was CRAZY! but FINALLY we found the trail again...and it was about 2:30 in the morning.

But by this point we were all STARVING because we'd basically hiked off all the food we'd eaten in the past 3 days haha. So we decided to go to Denny's. By the time i got home from Denny's it was 4:45 in the morning...and i still needed to shower because i was SO dirty from hiking and sliding down the mountain...so by the time i actually got to bed it was 5:15ish...meaning i had 3 hours until i had to be up for rehearsal...AHHH!!

I was so dead at rehearsal today, but oh well...it was definitely a fun adventure! Not sure i'd want to do it again, but it was fun :D

Moral of the story...make sure you know where the beginning of the trail is before you try to climb the Y.

Here are some pictures from our adventure.

this is the street we parked on...we were exciteed to be back! :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have a little extra time today...

So apparently there was something important going on today because NO one was at the creamery. Maybe everyone is staying home tonight to prepare for the season premier of the office or something. They let me off 2 hours early because it was so slow. which is exciting because usually i have to rush off to noteworthy rehearsal smelling like hamburgers, but now i have time to take a shower and finish up my hmwk. sweet...i even had time to get some dinner at the creamery and actually enjoy it haha. a grilled cheese sandwich and a roasted almond fudge shake. SO GOOD. Anyway. i'm off to go take a shower so i don't smell like hamburgers...
Oh and also...i don't even have english tomorrow because we have a paper due monday so class is cancelled. so i get to sleep in until like 11 if i want... :D yay. but i think i'm going to go take my stats test sometime tomorrow...we'll have to see how that goes...because my teacher isn't that great. i never go to class because all she does is read the powerpoints to us and i bought a little book of all the power points. so i pretty much teach myself how to do it by doing my hmwk. so wish me luck on that test...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have definitely done a lot today, but it's good because i felt really productive, and i actually got a lot done. I got up at 7:20 for my English class and went to that. then came home and took a 3 hour nap. Then i did my stats homework and took my Living Prophets quiz. (Yay for not missing this one haha.) Then i did the dishes, Made some Dinner for my roommates and myself, cleaned up the kitchen, and did some laundry (which by the way i'm not a big fan of having to pay with quaters...i'm all out...and i don't really have any cash...blech). but anyway it's still only 5:30. Meaning i will probably get to bed by like 11 tonight. SO exciting! I don't think i've gone to bed before 12ish since i've been here. and most nights i don't go to bed until 1 or 2. But i defnitely will tonight!
Now i'll probably go do another load of laundry and finish up my BOM and Living prophets homework. Then there's some weird safety meeting i have to go to...the joys of living on campus.
but anyway i'm definitely feeling better today...i'm not quite so tired. although i'm still not caught up all the way on sleep. I think i should be okay for the next few days.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saving lives can wear you out...

oh man.
i am exhausted...
seriously i've been so busy i have no time to sleep anymore.
or to even get all of my homework done.
it's kind of insane.
any time i'm home i just want to be sleeping.
and yesterday i gave blood.
wow...it made me like 5o times more tired today.
at least i'm guessing that's what it was.
it could've been the fact that i had to wait 4 hours to give blood.
so i ended up staying up till 2 to finish my hmwk.
but all in all...saving lives wears me out.
i can't even keep my eyes open....
i think i'm going to go take a 15 min nap before work actually.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

it's been a few days.

but everything is still good!
i've been really busy with everything though.
and whenever i'm home i'm usually napping.
i get SO tired it's insane.
but i just got home from Noteworthy.
we now have threeish songs down.
and one dance...
so it's been fun!
we have a retreat this weekend.
where we all are staying at amy's house.
and doing some workshops and all that crazy stuff.
it'll be fun though!
i'm excited!
school is going well too.
i'm still in love with my living prophets class
it is by far my favorite.
writing is my second favorite.
besides the fact that i have to write a paper by monday.
so i guess we'll go with food prep being my second favorite haha.
cuz i get to eat food in that one!
my lease favorite is definitely music civilization....
merely because i don't care who wrote the 5th symphony in D major...
but my teacher in that class is really funny so he kind of makes it bearable
stats puts me to sleep, but i should probably be better at going to that class.
and BOM is good too.
it's just somwhere in the middle.
my teacher is AMAZING.
but i have a feeling that the tests for that class might be a little crazy.
so we will see how that all turns out.
i've gotta go do some hmwk and take a shower.
then it's bedtime.
writing at 8 tomorrow morning.
how fun?!
haha oh...i also need to pack for the retreat.
i'm leaving tomorrow at 6 for that.
basically noteworthy is amazing. yep. :)


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ian and some other FL missionaries.

The missionaries all signed a pass along card for me :)



Me and Karissa, my actual room roomie

haha this one makes me laugh.

So fun

So today me and my roomies went up to the temple to take roomie pictures.

everything is good here.
oh except i missed my first living prophets quiz.
i totally forgot about it.
because natalie surprised me and came up yesterday
and i thought it was still going to be up today.
but it definitely wasn't...
not good.
but i think he said he drops the 2 lowest scores in that movie...
so as long as i do well on all the rest it shouldn't affect my grade.

lets see...what else?
well...we went over to my roommates house for dinner tonight.
she's from orem so it's not very far away.
her mom made us a nice dinner.
and they have a pretty sweet piano
so all of my talented roomies played it.
it was good times.

anyway i'll probably put up some pics like right now...
i have to get them from my roomies and stuff.
but yeah...i better go do my other english hmwk.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


should go take a look at noteworthyladies.com.
because i'm officially on it!
under "The Group" I'm So excited!
the first rehearsal i wasn't sure how i was feeling about it.
just because i couldn't get my part.
but this time we pretty much learned two songs.
it was amazing. and then we watched the old girls perform a few songs.
i am SO excited. i feel so blessed to be able to say i'm a part of noteworthy!
seriously, it's so amazing and i love it...i feel like i already have a bond with all of these girls
that i hardly know.
it's a good feeling.

today has been a pretty good day.
i slept in...skipped my first class...oops.
my head was about to explode.
but no worries. we were learning about something that i read last year in english.
so i didn't miss much.
then i went to BOM & Living Prophets.
i ABSOLUTELY LOVE living prophets. if anyone ever has the chance to take it.
you should. it's a good one.
anyway. then i came home and ate.
and then went to work.
and i was sitting there doing dishes...when my supervisor comes back and calls me up to the front of the restaurant. i thought i was just needed to scoop ice cream or something.
but i walked out and i saw Michael and Adam sitting at the bar!!!!
i was SO excited! they weren't supposed to come until tomorrow.
so i was TOTALLY surprised.
i haven't seen them for like 4 months now.
i seriously almost cried...i didn't realize how much i'd missed them.
anyway then i finished working and went to NW.
which i already wrote about...
so that's basically my wonderful day!
tomorrow should be good too.
because i'm hanging out with michael and adam all day.
and i'm making soup, salad, and muffins in my food prep class.
that should be fun!

but now i'm off to finish up some hmwk.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


so tonight was the first noteworthy rehearsal!
it was pretty good times. we just like introduced ourselves.
and then we got ties! :) they are lime green paisley.
and we talked about upcoming events.
and all that fun stuff.
and then we started learning apologize...it is basically going to sound amazing.
I am so excited to be doing Noteworthy. I was really stressed before because i thought that i would have to leave work early everyday in order to be to reahearsals on time, but now i changed shifts with a girl i work with so i won't be late! i'm much less stressed now. and plus i won't have to close once a week. so i will have 3 free days a week to do hmwk and stuff.
But yeah that's about all of my exciting news for today.
oh and Adam and Michael are coming to see me on friday! i am So excited for that.
i haven't seen them for about 3 months...that's WAY too long!
so i'll probably take some pics.
and then put some up or something.
and i'll put up pics of my nw tie! yeahya!

oh and if you have any ideas for songs for nw to do this year.
let me know! cuz i'm putting in ideas on tuesday!

Love love!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Exciting news of the day! :)


So i went to auditions on Thursday.
There were about 60ish people who auditioned.
We went in in groups of three, sight read some hymns, and then sang our solos. For my solo i sang the chorus of "unwritten" by Natasha Bettingfield or however you spell it. Anyway, about 22 girls made it back to call-backs, and let me tell you, most of these girls were amazing! we had callbacks yesterday from 10 am to about 2 pm. We learned parts of 2 songs as well as 2 dances. Then we all sang our solo's again. It was crazy how good everyone was. I'm sure it was a really difficult decision for the Noteworthy girls to make. Afterwords i was so tired i came home and took a 5 hour nap. it was wonderful. although every half hour or so i would wake up and check to see if i had gotten a call saying if i was in or not....but the call didn't come till about 9 o'clock last night. It had taken 7 hours for them to decide who would be in...Erica, the director called and asked if i would like to be in the group! of course i said yes! i am SO excited! it's going to be a fun year! but VERY stressful at the same time. My tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays are going to be packed. I go from school, to work, to rehearsals...it's going to be pretty intense. But i'm so excited for it! i would rather not be working while going to school and doing Noteworthy, but seeing as i'm a poor college student, i kind of have to. But it's a great opportunity to be a part of Noteworthy! and i'm pretty sure we are coming to sacramento sometime in November. so everyone around there should definitely come to the show! We would LOVE that! I will for sure post on here once i figure out when we are going to be there! So anyway, that is my exciting news of today! :)

Yay for noteworthy!

Love you all.

Friday, September 5, 2008

5-minutes a day blog :)

So for my honors writing class. We are supposed to write in a journal or blog for five minutes every day. I am already working on writing in my journal every day...or every other day. But i thought I'd switch off between here and journal writing. So here is day number one!
Not really a whole lot has happened lately...just going to classes and all that fun stuff. I am SO exhausted though. From school, work, homework, and staying up super late being a college kid haha. But I'm happy to say that i absolutely love college. I love being able to take classes that i want to take...well along with a few i have to take. but it's nice being able to pick the time you want to take the class and teacher you want to take. I'm becoming a HUGE fan of hour long naps in between classes :). it's nice living so close to campus. i can leave for most of my classes about 5 minutes before they start and still get there on time. Except for one class. My honors writing class...which is all the way across campus. i have to leave 15 minutes early just to get there right as the bell rings...so I've also become a fan of the 5-minute morning routine & showering at night. It's hard competing with 5 other girls for the bathroom in the morning...
I still have no major. which is annoying when there are only 3 questions anyone ever asks you here:
*What's your name?
*Where are you from?
*and What's your major?
i feel like i should just be wearing a sign that says. "My name is Katie, I'm from Sacramento, and i have no major, Thanks."...haha
But i love my ward and my roommates and where i live. and pretty much everything else having to do with college. Except for not sleeping. but I'm actually about to go take my hour nap before my cooking lab right now!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where i Live + work :)

So basically...here are some pictures of where i'm living.
i'm in Heritage halls. which is RIGHT next to campus! yay for that
haha. i don't have a super long walk to classes.
except for one that's all the way across campus.
and it's at 8 in the mng...
but other than that. it's not bad!

My wall :)

my closet


Fox hall

Looking for something to eat. we have to cupboard space.

our kitchen!

Making my first college pot of mac n cheese

and our "foxy" mail boxes! haha

Me at work making hamburgers.
oh yes :)

in front of the creamery

Monday, September 1, 2008

College Life...No One Sleeps...

Well. Here's my first post :)
i decided to start a blog now that i'm in Provo.
just for fun....so that everyone knows what's going on here.

Classes start tomorrow.
I have Music Civ. at 9
Book of Mormon at 12
and Living Prophets at 1.
definitely not too bad.

then at 4 i have to be at the creamery for work.
Not sure how excited i am about working during school.
but it's a pretty good job so it won't be too bad.
my mom came in the first day and took some pictures while i worked...
kind of embarrassing haha

i'm living in Heritage Halls.
my address is
49 Fox Hall
Provo, UT 84604
just in case anyone wants to write me.
and i think everyone should. :)

i've been here for about a week now.
and i haven't gone to bed before 3am since i got here.
seriously...i never sleep.
and it's not like i'm doing anything REALLY productive haha
me, my roommates, and some friends just sit around talking.
or running around in the rain...
it's been fun, but i think i should probably start sleeping.
or i'm going to die with school and work and all that.

i'm for sure going to put up some pictures soon of my roommates, and my room.
i just don't have any at the moment...
but anyway. my mom and ciara are leaving tomorrow.
so i'm off to go do something exciting.
and figure out where the heck my classes are :)

Have a WONDERFUL day!