Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nilla & Coco

So about a month ago Tom and I took Ciara to Idaho for school. We drove up and stayed with my friend Lexi and her husband while we were there. It was really fun to drive down with Ciara and I really enjoyed getting to meet her new roommates and hang out with the Argyle family. It had been a while since i'd seen them all.
Anyway the second day we were there I saw a post from Lexi about some dogs that needed a home. I looked at the picture and was in love. I have always loved dogs and we had them a lot growing up. I usually like more medium sized dogs, but these two little cuties stole my heart. So I showed them to Tom and he said we could go take a look. He was a little skeptical at first because he likes bigger dogs, but when we went to the house to go see them, the dogs acted like we'd already met before and were the best of friends. They didn't even bark (which they usually do when meeting new people). So then Tom was hooked on these two adorable dogs. Nilla is a chihuahua and Coco is a Dorkie (AKA dachshund/yorkie mix). They are 3 & 4 and just really sweet dogs. So we brought them home with us.

The drive home they were great! They were nervous to be driving so far away from home, but the just sat on my lap and looked around the whole way home...

Except for when they were sleeping

They really adjusted well to our house and have been great dogs! They only bark when new people come around which is pretty understandable. Nilla is a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle in her blankets and with anyone who comes over. She also loves the sun. If we go outside and it's sunny she will find the sunniest spot and lay down until it's time to go inside. Coco is more energetic and loves loves LOVES her chew toys. Nothing could make her happier than to just sit with her ball or rubber bunny and just chew away. She also loves to roll over for a treat.

I never wanted to be one of those people who acted like their pets were their children but....they kind of feel like they are.

They LOVE getting under their blankets to sleep.

They came with a few outfits which are actually helpful when they are cold. :)

So there you have it. Our little dogs. So cute :)