Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey Guys,

So i need a HUGE favor! I'm trying to raise money for Noteworthy's Hong Kong trip coming up.We were invited to go sing at the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group's 2010 Internation A Capella Festival (that isn't a mouthful). We will be there April 6-13. What an AMAZING opportunity. But in this world you kinda need money. Fortunately they are paying for a lot of our funds.
I need to raise at least $300 to pay for a quarter of my flight...So i've come up with a super easy way for you to help me out! I made a paypal account where you can just donate as little (or as much) as you want to help me out!
I'm sure just a dollar or two would be a HUGE help!!! Just click the "donate" button below! Thanks so much! Love you :)

and i PROMISE i will post tons of pictures and all that fun stuff after the trip in return for the donations

Sunday, March 14, 2010

In the words of my marriage professor...

"Life is hard, but you can do hard things." - Dr. Hill

Monday, March 8, 2010

i just have to say

i know i complain sometimes about my lack of friends.
but that's not fair.
cuz i really do have amazing friends.
and my life is SO wonderful.
that is all.