Saturday, February 15, 2014

Noah is 2 Months Old!

Little Noah turned two months old on the 6th. He is getting so BIG! To document this occasion we had a little photo shoot in our rocking chair.

He usually can't sit in one spot for too long in order to get some good photos. But he was in such a good mood and it was a beautiful day out so the light coming through the windows in our room was wonderful! I can't believe how big this little guy is already. Just comparing these photos to the newborn ones is so crazy! He gets bigger and bigger every day.

A few things about Noah at 2 months:

He LOVES to sing. Nothing makes him happier than laying on his changing table and having someone sing to him. He will sing back to you and just look into your eyes and smile and sometimes even get a little laugh in there. He loves being talked to and wants SO badly to talk back.

He has started to smile. Most of the time when he wants to smile he just opens his mouth as wide as possible and gives a little giggle. Every once in a while he will break out in a full smile, but he hasn't quite gotten the hang of that yet. The most smiles come as he falls asleep. I love to watch as he drifts off into sleep and just smiles a huge smile!

He loves to eat and eat and eat. I can never believe how much this boy can eat! He is always hungry and can eat quite a bit at each feeding. This month he started eating with a bottle every once in a while. Momma was helping out with a musical and it took her away for a few hours at a time the past few weekends so dad would stay home and feed him with a bottle. I could never believe how much he ate while I was gone. I feel like i can barely keep up with this little guy!

He is SO strong! He is already flipping over both ways! He loves to stand (with help of course), and his legs are just wanting so badly to start crawling. He just always wants to be on the move and is usually not happy for long if he isn't moving somewhere. I'm a little nervous for when he starts crawling. I know I will have to keep a close eye on him. And I feel like he will be an early crawler because he is already trying to crawl and sometimes when I put him down for a nap I will come back a few minutes later and he's on the complete opposite side of his bed or he has done a 180 and is facing the other way.

He HATES sleeping. Sometimes I wonder if he will ever sleep for longer than 30 minutes at a time. He has always had some gas issues, and it always seems to wake him up JUST when he has fallen into a deep sleep. There have been a few good nights where he gets a solid 4 hour stretch, but most of the time he will wake up every 1-2 hours. As a result...we usually stay in bed quite late in the mornings trying to catch up on what we missed during the night.

He still loves bath time. Sometimes I think he would be happier if he could just live in the water. I always feel bad when bath time is over because he's always so sad about it. If only in could stay in there all day....he would be the happiest baby there ever was! I know he's going to love swimming and the beach someday...

He loves his sound soother. We have one in our room that he can't sleep without. He has always slept best when there are loud noises, but there have been a few times when the power has gone out in our room and as soon as the sound soother stops he will wake up! It has gotten to the point where i don't even notice the noise anymore. If I am in the room with him and we are both awake I don't even think to turn it off anymore. The background noise is rather nice.

He loves tv....uh oh. I already have a child who I know will love watching tv. Anytime there is something on he will stare at it. He loves watching things move...I've tried reading him books and he's just not interested because everything is sitting still, but when there's something moving on a screen he LOVES it! He's been loving watching the olympics this week.

We just love our little peanut, and it is really exciting that he has started to respond more to us! Being a parent can be hard and really tiring, but those little smiles and giggles make it all worth it. Love my little man.