Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A little about Noah

Since Noah is only a month old, he really doesn't do much other than eat, sleep (sometimes), cry, and poop. However, there are some other things that he enjoys.

First of all, he LOVES baths. Grandma Jensen loves giving them to him, and it's a good thing because with all that hair he has and everyone touching it it can get greasy pretty fast! The first few times we gave him baths and we could only give him sponge baths because his cord was still on he didn't enjoy them that much. Now that he can actually be IN the water he usually almost falls asleep, and one time he actually did fall asleep. He is definitely like his dad and I can imagine he will love the beach and will probably get some surfing lessons from Tom. For some reason I have a million pictures of him in the bath tub haha, but I will only post a few of the cutest ones

 This was the first sponge bath
 still got a few yawns even without getting into the water

Bath naps are the best naps

Still so content....

The second thing Noah loves is looking outside or at lights or pictures. He is always starring off out the window or at the pictures hanging on the wall. Sometimes if he is crying we can just open a window and let some light in and he will stop immediately. He just loves it.

Anytime there's an open window that's where he's looking

He especially loved Christmas because of all of the lights. He would stare at them forever

Starring at Great-Grandma's Christmas tree

Like any baby, the third thing he loves is being held. Grandma always holds him in my Moby wrap and then bounces him and he will fall right asleep...i'm talking like 2 minutes and he's asleep. He could be crying and then he's out. Grandma seems to be the one who has this down, but I did get him to sleep for 4 hours like that yesterday. 

 He slept like this for most of this trip to the beach
Ciara has it down pretty well too!

A few other things he loves are
*Noises: He sleeps best when there is a sound soother or when we are in loud places
*Being in the car: He can usally fall asleep quickly in the car...unless we are TRYING to get him to fall asleep in the car. He always knows that trick.
*Going on walks: He loves being in his stroller and going on walks. Pretty sure he loves looking up at the sky and all of the sounds.
*and Grandma: His first real smile happened a few days ago when grandma walked up to him. It was the cutest thing ever. She is a great grandma and I know he knows it. He's lucky to have her as a grandma, and I'm lucky to have her as a mom.

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McKenzie Marie said...

I JUST WANT TO HOLD HIM AND LOVE HIM AND WATCH GREY'S WITH YOU. I miss you, love. I'm so glad that you have the sweetest baby in the world. Lalalalala lovelovelovelovelove.