Thursday, September 11, 2014

Southern California & Utah

Lots of posts today!!

Last week we went to Southern California and then to Utah for our nephews baby blessing! We had a lot of fun hanging out with family, swimming in the pool, and enjoying the nice weather.

Noah had his first stay in a hotel and he loved it! It took a while for the pack n' play to be brought up to the room, so he got to sleep in the huge comfy hotel bed for a bit. He loved hanging out with Aunt Julie as well.

Noah got to hang out with his Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. He doesn't get to see them much, but all ten of the cousins were together for the blessing!

The hall siblings (minus Doug, who had work) had a fun time as well.

We love getting to hang out with the Halls and wish we could do it more often! I vote everyone moves to California where the weather's nice eh eh??

Noah is 9 Months old!

Wow the months are just flying by these days!!! I can't believe Noah is already 9 months old. We were so busy this month traveling that it just flew by.

Noah hit a lot of milestones this month. He is 24 lbs. and 30 Inches....quite the big boy we have. He weighs more than some of his 2 year old friends out there...and definitely has made me realize I need to work out my arms a little more.

Now on to the milestones....

First, he has stopped using a binky. I really didn't even try to get him to stop. I just stopped offering him one. They are still all around the house but, he no longer really cares for them. I've heard horror stories about trying to get babies off of binkies so I am glad it was easy.

He HAS decided however that it is fun to stick these little binkies on his fingers...I wish I had a picture of it but I don't...

This little boy is getting some serious personality! He is SO talkative and funny and really gets when you are playing games with him. He thinks it's funny to run away from me, and always laughs whenever I tell him no. He has such a cute little laugh and laughs quite often. He also has quite the pity laugh for when mom's joke aren't the funniest...

He is getting more teeth. Number 5 & 6 are on their way! This teething thing gets more difficult every time however. He got sick for a really long time this time around and had been biting everything...including people a TON! He always finds my shoulder to be the best teether....

He has figured out pushing buttons this month also. He is really able to entertain himself a lot more now that he is figuring out his toys. Noah especially loved the elmo toy that Grandma and Grandpa Hall had at their house! I find now, though, that I often have baby toy songs stuck in my head all day long. I am becoming that person who knows more baby songs than radio hits these days....

Like I said earlier he is really getting talkative. When we were in Oregon we were on a walk and a woman said hi to him and he gave her a little "hey" back. She thought it was hilarious! He says "hi" back to everyone nowadays. He also says "nan nan nan nan nan" all the time...which really has no specific meaning. This is kid is also a screamer! He has some loud happy screams and likes everyone to know he's there. He's still saying dada a lot and hasn't really figured out mama yet.

He is also starting to walk! He usually finds that it is much faster to crawl, but he usually starts out with 5-10 steps and then crawls the rest of the way. I'm hoping that that lasts for a while, because I know he is going to be even harder to keep track of once he really starts moving.

Noah has figured out sippy cups, and also how to suck the baby food out of the little packages which has been very helpful! He got more shots this month and took them like a champ...although I'm pretty sure waiting in the waiting room for like 2 hours to get those shots are what started his month long sickness....He still loves the water and being outdoors. He loves hanging out with new people and is just a bundle of fun! I love hanging out with this kid!

Trip to Oregon

This month has been a really busy one! It started with our Santa Cruz camping trip which I've already blogged about.

After that trip we came home for one day and then headed off to Oregon. We were there for about a week and had a lot of adventures! We went to the beach one day and Noah had a BLAST playing in the sand. He didn't do so well this time with remembering not to eat it....but we had a great time anyway! The beaches there are not the warmest, but they are definitely beautiful!

We also went to the zoo one day. When we got there we rented a stroller that had a little steering wheel and let me tell you he loved it! As soon as he got in he started playing with it and spinning it. I had no idea he would actually think it was fun since he's still so young, but he had so much fun with it. Apparently the only picture i have at the moment is him with his eyes closed haha.

We took a few walks around the area while we were there. Noah loved Oregon and so did we. I would totally move there one day. It is beautiful! He loved his little shark stroller.

We also went to Courtney's restaurant, Tilt, and it was soooo yummy!!!

The house had a beautiful little nook in the front room and noah loved looking out the windows. And also eating the string attached to the blinds....

But mostly it was just great to see Courtney and Rachelle. We wish we lived closer and could see you every day!!