Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our First Halloween :)

I'm not gonna lie. I really don't enjoy Halloween normally. Don't get me wrong, I love fall and holiday seasons, but Halloween is something I don't understand.

First off...i'm probably the BIGGEST scaredy cat you will ever meet. This is no lie. I can't even walk across the hallway at night to use the bathroom. Therefore I can NEVER go into haunted houses, corn mazes, circuses, insane asylums, forests and all of those other crazy things they have here. Doesn't matter how many times you tell me it's fake...I'm POSITIVE the one time an actual crazy person is at one of those things they will come for me or they will follow me home after. Along with that I definitely can't watch scary pretty much all of that Halloween stuff is out for me.

Second, do you remember when you were little your mom would always tell you not to talk to strangers or take candy from strangers? I find it kind of funny that all of those rules go out the window on Halloween. Like all of the bad people in the neighborhood suddenly get a conscience that night and think "It's Halloween i'll save the poisoning for another night"....Obviously most people you take candy from won't be poisoning it but i'm just saying....It could happen

Third, i think everyone has this annoyance, but I can't stand that every single girl (even in provo) feels that Halloween is a night to lower every standard you've ever been taught about modesty. Don't think i need to say much more there.

Fourth, Creepy guys in masks walking around while little children are out walking door to just freaks me out.

Fifth, I'm really not a huge fan of candy. I mean if people were passing out grilled cheeses and steak on Halloween i'd be out there all night....but i can only have so many smarties before i want to puke.

Sixth, I really don't feel like i'm crafty enough for Halloween. I see all of these people who made super cute costumes for their kids, and i hardly ever know what i'm going to be until 5 minutes before i go out on Halloween. So much pressure to have the best costume!!

I guess you could call me a Halloween Humbug.

That being said...We actually had a pretty good Halloween week this past week. Full of non-scary activities. Thank goodness!

Last Friday Tom was gone at a gig with our new band The Strike. I stayed home to watch the dogs and to help out with a few Noteworthy things. After a Noteworthy gig that night, we all came back to the house and had a little halloween party. Mostly we just ate great food and watched a bunch of youtube videos, but it was really fun! I made a super cute cheeseball that i found on pinterest. SO SO GOOD!!!

Also, Ciara and her roommate Lauren stayed over for the weekend so that was fun too (pretty sure i would've died if i stayed at the house by myself for the night).

Then on Monday we had some leftover pumpkins from the Noteworthy party that we didn't use to Tom and I carved some. Mine was Minnie Mouse...I don't have a picture of it at the moment but just use your imagination. This was Tom's! It was awesome!!

Then on Wednesday for Halloween we had a gig with The Strike at the Velour I dressed up like a Bank Robber and Tom dressed up like.....something....He just bought a mask. But I think he looks like the Silver Surfer at the Grammy's So we'll go with that :)

Don't worry everyone, I know you're all worried about my future children...I'll try to be cute and crafty and WAY into Halloween by the time they are wanting to go out and Trick-or-Treat. :)

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Lisa said...

Ha ha Katie! This is a great post! Glad you will resort to having fun on Halloween when you have children....I did:)!