Saturday, September 27, 2008

Interesting adventure....

So last night. Me and some of my friends were hanging out, and at about 10 o'clock at night we decided it might be fun to go climb the Y. I thought it'd be fun since i've never climbed it before...and i figured it'd only take about 2 hours to do because that's what i've heard. so i wasn't too worried about getting home super late or i went along.

Turns out, though, none of us knew how to get to the start of the trail, so we parked in some random neighborhood and found what looked to be the start of the trail....(it definitely wasn't) after climbing for about an hour and realizing this definitely wasn't the trail i started getting worried about getting home late...(i had noteworthy reahearsal at 9 in the mng today). we're walking on this random trail, and then FINALLY we find where the REAL trail start is....i was pretty much Extremely worn out at this point because i hadn't eaten much that day...i hadn't been home at all so i just didn't have basically i felt like i was going to die...(it probably had something to do with the fact i never excercise as well...but we'll just blame it on the elevation ;) )

So we start climbing up the switchbacks to get to the Y...and i feel like i'm going to pass out...seriously it's like straight uphill...not my thing let me tell you. So after going through 3 of the switchbacks...and realizing that it's now 1 in the morning...i lost all excitement for seeing the me and my friend decided that we'd just sit and wait while the others went up to the Y...We waited there for about 45 was insane.

THEN...we realized we had no idea how to get BACK to our car...we KIND OF knew the general direction of the car so we started walking that way...but then we couldn't find the trail we'd been walking on to get back to our we just started making our own trail...oh man...i literally slid down half-way down the mountain. it was CRAZY! but FINALLY we found the trail again...and it was about 2:30 in the morning.

But by this point we were all STARVING because we'd basically hiked off all the food we'd eaten in the past 3 days haha. So we decided to go to Denny's. By the time i got home from Denny's it was 4:45 in the morning...and i still needed to shower because i was SO dirty from hiking and sliding down the by the time i actually got to bed it was 5:15ish...meaning i had 3 hours until i had to be up for rehearsal...AHHH!!

I was so dead at rehearsal today, but oh was definitely a fun adventure! Not sure i'd want to do it again, but it was fun :D

Moral of the story...make sure you know where the beginning of the trail is before you try to climb the Y.

Here are some pictures from our adventure.

this is the street we parked on...we were exciteed to be back! :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have a little extra time today...

So apparently there was something important going on today because NO one was at the creamery. Maybe everyone is staying home tonight to prepare for the season premier of the office or something. They let me off 2 hours early because it was so slow. which is exciting because usually i have to rush off to noteworthy rehearsal smelling like hamburgers, but now i have time to take a shower and finish up my hmwk. sweet...i even had time to get some dinner at the creamery and actually enjoy it haha. a grilled cheese sandwich and a roasted almond fudge shake. SO GOOD. Anyway. i'm off to go take a shower so i don't smell like hamburgers...
Oh and also...i don't even have english tomorrow because we have a paper due monday so class is cancelled. so i get to sleep in until like 11 if i want... :D yay. but i think i'm going to go take my stats test sometime tomorrow...we'll have to see how that goes...because my teacher isn't that great. i never go to class because all she does is read the powerpoints to us and i bought a little book of all the power points. so i pretty much teach myself how to do it by doing my hmwk. so wish me luck on that test...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have definitely done a lot today, but it's good because i felt really productive, and i actually got a lot done. I got up at 7:20 for my English class and went to that. then came home and took a 3 hour nap. Then i did my stats homework and took my Living Prophets quiz. (Yay for not missing this one haha.) Then i did the dishes, Made some Dinner for my roommates and myself, cleaned up the kitchen, and did some laundry (which by the way i'm not a big fan of having to pay with quaters...i'm all out...and i don't really have any cash...blech). but anyway it's still only 5:30. Meaning i will probably get to bed by like 11 tonight. SO exciting! I don't think i've gone to bed before 12ish since i've been here. and most nights i don't go to bed until 1 or 2. But i defnitely will tonight!
Now i'll probably go do another load of laundry and finish up my BOM and Living prophets homework. Then there's some weird safety meeting i have to go to...the joys of living on campus.
but anyway i'm definitely feeling better today...i'm not quite so tired. although i'm still not caught up all the way on sleep. I think i should be okay for the next few days.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saving lives can wear you out...

oh man.
i am exhausted...
seriously i've been so busy i have no time to sleep anymore.
or to even get all of my homework done.
it's kind of insane.
any time i'm home i just want to be sleeping.
and yesterday i gave blood. made me like 5o times more tired today.
at least i'm guessing that's what it was.
it could've been the fact that i had to wait 4 hours to give blood.
so i ended up staying up till 2 to finish my hmwk.
but all in all...saving lives wears me out.
i can't even keep my eyes open....
i think i'm going to go take a 15 min nap before work actually.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

it's been a few days.

but everything is still good!
i've been really busy with everything though.
and whenever i'm home i'm usually napping.
i get SO tired it's insane.
but i just got home from Noteworthy.
we now have threeish songs down.
and one dance...
so it's been fun!
we have a retreat this weekend.
where we all are staying at amy's house.
and doing some workshops and all that crazy stuff.
it'll be fun though!
i'm excited!
school is going well too.
i'm still in love with my living prophets class
it is by far my favorite.
writing is my second favorite.
besides the fact that i have to write a paper by monday.
so i guess we'll go with food prep being my second favorite haha.
cuz i get to eat food in that one!
my lease favorite is definitely music civilization....
merely because i don't care who wrote the 5th symphony in D major...
but my teacher in that class is really funny so he kind of makes it bearable
stats puts me to sleep, but i should probably be better at going to that class.
and BOM is good too.
it's just somwhere in the middle.
my teacher is AMAZING.
but i have a feeling that the tests for that class might be a little crazy.
so we will see how that all turns out.
i've gotta go do some hmwk and take a shower.
then it's bedtime.
writing at 8 tomorrow morning.
how fun?!
haha oh...i also need to pack for the retreat.
i'm leaving tomorrow at 6 for that.
basically noteworthy is amazing. yep. :)


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ian and some other FL missionaries.

The missionaries all signed a pass along card for me :)



Me and Karissa, my actual room roomie

haha this one makes me laugh.

So fun

So today me and my roomies went up to the temple to take roomie pictures.

everything is good here.
oh except i missed my first living prophets quiz.
i totally forgot about it.
because natalie surprised me and came up yesterday
and i thought it was still going to be up today.
but it definitely wasn't...
not good.
but i think he said he drops the 2 lowest scores in that movie...
so as long as i do well on all the rest it shouldn't affect my grade.

lets see...what else?
well...we went over to my roommates house for dinner tonight.
she's from orem so it's not very far away.
her mom made us a nice dinner.
and they have a pretty sweet piano
so all of my talented roomies played it.
it was good times.

anyway i'll probably put up some pics like right now...
i have to get them from my roomies and stuff.
but yeah...i better go do my other english hmwk.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


should go take a look at
because i'm officially on it!
under "The Group" I'm So excited!
the first rehearsal i wasn't sure how i was feeling about it.
just because i couldn't get my part.
but this time we pretty much learned two songs.
it was amazing. and then we watched the old girls perform a few songs.
i am SO excited. i feel so blessed to be able to say i'm a part of noteworthy!
seriously, it's so amazing and i love it...i feel like i already have a bond with all of these girls
that i hardly know.
it's a good feeling.

today has been a pretty good day.
i slept in...skipped my first class...oops.
my head was about to explode.
but no worries. we were learning about something that i read last year in english.
so i didn't miss much.
then i went to BOM & Living Prophets.
i ABSOLUTELY LOVE living prophets. if anyone ever has the chance to take it.
you should. it's a good one.
anyway. then i came home and ate.
and then went to work.
and i was sitting there doing dishes...when my supervisor comes back and calls me up to the front of the restaurant. i thought i was just needed to scoop ice cream or something.
but i walked out and i saw Michael and Adam sitting at the bar!!!!
i was SO excited! they weren't supposed to come until tomorrow.
so i was TOTALLY surprised.
i haven't seen them for like 4 months now.
i seriously almost cried...i didn't realize how much i'd missed them.
anyway then i finished working and went to NW.
which i already wrote about...
so that's basically my wonderful day!
tomorrow should be good too.
because i'm hanging out with michael and adam all day.
and i'm making soup, salad, and muffins in my food prep class.
that should be fun!

but now i'm off to finish up some hmwk.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


so tonight was the first noteworthy rehearsal!
it was pretty good times. we just like introduced ourselves.
and then we got ties! :) they are lime green paisley.
and we talked about upcoming events.
and all that fun stuff.
and then we started learning is basically going to sound amazing.
I am so excited to be doing Noteworthy. I was really stressed before because i thought that i would have to leave work early everyday in order to be to reahearsals on time, but now i changed shifts with a girl i work with so i won't be late! i'm much less stressed now. and plus i won't have to close once a week. so i will have 3 free days a week to do hmwk and stuff.
But yeah that's about all of my exciting news for today.
oh and Adam and Michael are coming to see me on friday! i am So excited for that.
i haven't seen them for about 3 months...that's WAY too long!
so i'll probably take some pics.
and then put some up or something.
and i'll put up pics of my nw tie! yeahya!

oh and if you have any ideas for songs for nw to do this year.
let me know! cuz i'm putting in ideas on tuesday!

Love love!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Exciting news of the day! :)


So i went to auditions on Thursday.
There were about 60ish people who auditioned.
We went in in groups of three, sight read some hymns, and then sang our solos. For my solo i sang the chorus of "unwritten" by Natasha Bettingfield or however you spell it. Anyway, about 22 girls made it back to call-backs, and let me tell you, most of these girls were amazing! we had callbacks yesterday from 10 am to about 2 pm. We learned parts of 2 songs as well as 2 dances. Then we all sang our solo's again. It was crazy how good everyone was. I'm sure it was a really difficult decision for the Noteworthy girls to make. Afterwords i was so tired i came home and took a 5 hour nap. it was wonderful. although every half hour or so i would wake up and check to see if i had gotten a call saying if i was in or not....but the call didn't come till about 9 o'clock last night. It had taken 7 hours for them to decide who would be in...Erica, the director called and asked if i would like to be in the group! of course i said yes! i am SO excited! it's going to be a fun year! but VERY stressful at the same time. My tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays are going to be packed. I go from school, to work, to's going to be pretty intense. But i'm so excited for it! i would rather not be working while going to school and doing Noteworthy, but seeing as i'm a poor college student, i kind of have to. But it's a great opportunity to be a part of Noteworthy! and i'm pretty sure we are coming to sacramento sometime in November. so everyone around there should definitely come to the show! We would LOVE that! I will for sure post on here once i figure out when we are going to be there! So anyway, that is my exciting news of today! :)

Yay for noteworthy!

Love you all.

Friday, September 5, 2008

5-minutes a day blog :)

So for my honors writing class. We are supposed to write in a journal or blog for five minutes every day. I am already working on writing in my journal every day...or every other day. But i thought I'd switch off between here and journal writing. So here is day number one!
Not really a whole lot has happened lately...just going to classes and all that fun stuff. I am SO exhausted though. From school, work, homework, and staying up super late being a college kid haha. But I'm happy to say that i absolutely love college. I love being able to take classes that i want to take...well along with a few i have to take. but it's nice being able to pick the time you want to take the class and teacher you want to take. I'm becoming a HUGE fan of hour long naps in between classes :). it's nice living so close to campus. i can leave for most of my classes about 5 minutes before they start and still get there on time. Except for one class. My honors writing class...which is all the way across campus. i have to leave 15 minutes early just to get there right as the bell I've also become a fan of the 5-minute morning routine & showering at night. It's hard competing with 5 other girls for the bathroom in the morning...
I still have no major. which is annoying when there are only 3 questions anyone ever asks you here:
*What's your name?
*Where are you from?
*and What's your major?
i feel like i should just be wearing a sign that says. "My name is Katie, I'm from Sacramento, and i have no major, Thanks."...haha
But i love my ward and my roommates and where i live. and pretty much everything else having to do with college. Except for not sleeping. but I'm actually about to go take my hour nap before my cooking lab right now!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where i Live + work :)

So are some pictures of where i'm living.
i'm in Heritage halls. which is RIGHT next to campus! yay for that
haha. i don't have a super long walk to classes.
except for one that's all the way across campus.
and it's at 8 in the mng...
but other than that. it's not bad!

My wall :)

my closet


Fox hall

Looking for something to eat. we have to cupboard space.

our kitchen!

Making my first college pot of mac n cheese

and our "foxy" mail boxes! haha

Me at work making hamburgers.
oh yes :)

in front of the creamery

Monday, September 1, 2008

College Life...No One Sleeps...

Well. Here's my first post :)
i decided to start a blog now that i'm in Provo.
just for that everyone knows what's going on here.

Classes start tomorrow.
I have Music Civ. at 9
Book of Mormon at 12
and Living Prophets at 1.
definitely not too bad.

then at 4 i have to be at the creamery for work.
Not sure how excited i am about working during school.
but it's a pretty good job so it won't be too bad.
my mom came in the first day and took some pictures while i worked...
kind of embarrassing haha

i'm living in Heritage Halls.
my address is
49 Fox Hall
Provo, UT 84604
just in case anyone wants to write me.
and i think everyone should. :)

i've been here for about a week now.
and i haven't gone to bed before 3am since i got here.
seriously...i never sleep.
and it's not like i'm doing anything REALLY productive haha
me, my roommates, and some friends just sit around talking.
or running around in the rain...
it's been fun, but i think i should probably start sleeping.
or i'm going to die with school and work and all that.

i'm for sure going to put up some pictures soon of my roommates, and my room.
i just don't have any at the moment...
but anyway. my mom and ciara are leaving tomorrow.
so i'm off to go do something exciting.
and figure out where the heck my classes are :)

Have a WONDERFUL day!