Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July

This year was Noah's first 4th of July!

Every year since I can remember we always go to Woodland to watch my Dad's firework show. I was pretty excited for Noah's first firework show because he LOVES lights (and loud noises oddly enough...). Tom had been setting up the show with my dad for the past couple of days so we were excited to see him too! Here's a little set of pictures to show you our day...Noah loved hanging out with Aunt Ciara, Grandma Jensen, Aunt Caryn, and loved getting to see Grandpa Jensen for a little bit when he got a little break from setting up the show, but he fell asleep at about 8:30, and didn't wake up for the show. So we will have to wait until next year to see if he will like fireworks!


Noah 7 Months

Noah is 7 months old today! It's crazy how fast the months fly by. I feel like I was just posting about him being born! He is growing so fast and wishes he was growing faster I think ha. This kid is just so smart.

He is crawling full on now. And not only is he crawling but he is lifting himself up and climbing all over EVERYTHING! He is loving his mobility, but the trouble comes when he thinks that he can walk already. He's got a nice big bruise on his forehead right now because he will just let go once he stands up on something and try to walk off. I seriously think this kid will be walking at 8 months. He is SOOO strong I can't even believe it! And he is always so proud of himself when he stand up!

He has two teeth (and possibly more on the way). Teething is still going on here and really hasn't been as bad as I always hear it is. He IS waking up about two times a night, but other than that and a few grumpy days he hasn't been too bad! He loves to bite everything, including fingers, OUCH! I can't  believe how sharp those teeth are haha.

We went to southern California this last weekend for our nieces baptism and Noah loved looking at grandpa Hall's trains. He also loved swimming in their pool!

Noah enjoyed going to the lake and hanging out with Uncle David for a bit.

I still love hanging out with this boy. It gets more and more fun everyday as he gets older and learns more.