Sunday, August 17, 2014

Camping in Santa Cruz

This past week my family and a few of the Jensen's went on a camping trip to Santa Cruz. Camping has always been one of my favorite things so I was really excited to take Noah on the trip. We stayed in tents at Sunset Beach just a short walk/drive from the beach. The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun!

Noah did really well...minus waking up at 5 in the morning a few times.

So the first day we were there we went to the beach. Noah has been to the beach before, but he was so little before that I had never really let him go around and feel the sand and the water. This time I just let him go for it. He was crawling around, had his first taste of sand (just one...he was really good at not eating it surprisingly!), and played around in his first mote/sandy playpen.

 Turns out sand isn't really that yummy mom...

 He loved roaming free in his little sand n play!

 After the day at the  beach he was exhausted. He was out as soon as we put him in this. We let him sit and sleep for a bit before we put him in the car (while everyone searched for Tom's glasses that I lost...oops!)

Noah got to spend a lot of time with all of his Great - aunts & cousins. He was loving all of the attention. Also I'm loving his blue blue eyes and this monster out fit! 

 He also had a lot of snuggles around the fire. Love this little monster

 As soon as I pointed the camera at him this day he gave me this face...haha. 
I've got myself a little model.

 We hung out with these two love birds a lot.

 And he slept quite a bit. Camping is exhausting.

 He learned how to skateboard with aunt Caryn and cousin Julia.

 We went to Pizza My Heart two times. We loved the pizza. & The shirts!

Noah got his first peppermint ice cream mustache! (Thanks grandma!)

Overall it was a great time hanging out with family and going to the beach. We love camping and we are glad that Noah did too!! Now we are off to Oregon for more family fun!

8 Months

Noah turned 8 months on the 6th! It is getting really cray to me how fast time is going by! Noah is a little over 8 months now.

Some of his 8 month milestones!

He has 4 teeth now! Two on top and two on bottom. He loves chomping food with them, and he also loves grinding them (my favorite sound!). He has the cutest little toothy smile and I LOVE IT!

He is cruising really well and trying his hardest to walk! Sometimes he'll get half a step in, but then he always falls down and then decides that crawling is just much easier. Which is fine with me! He already gets around SO fast I can't even imagine how I'll keep track of him once he starts walking. I have a feeling he'll be doing it really soon though.

He's loving trying new foods and especially likes fruits. He loves chewing on apples!

He watched his uncle David dance in the Strauss festival last month and LOVED all of the music and fireworks at the end! He also loved great-grandpa jensen's head!

He also loves saying DADA. Which i have a video of but is not working on here for some reason. So I guess you'll have to come visit him to hear it!

Love this sweet happy boy!