Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jackson, WY

So after our wedding we have not been home at all until today really. For like a few days here and there we have been, but not for long. I am so happy to be home, but also really enjoyed the time we've spent the past month and a half with family. Our first post wedding trip was to Jackson, WY with the Hall family. I had never been to Wyoming and seriously fell in love with it! It is beautiful! If you haven't been there you should go! such a great place!

On our way to Wyoming we also stopped in Idaho Falls for a night. We walked around for a bit to the falls and they are also so beautiful. I have a pretty crappy picture of it from Tom's phone...haha sorry it's not that great

But anyway moving on to Jackson. We had a great time! We stayed right by the lake in some great little cabins. We played in the water, tried to catch little fishies, went boating, went canoeing, went to a fun little chuck wagon dinner/show, and just had a grand ol' time. I didn't get a lot of pictures because we always seem to forget our camera when we need it most haha. But i do have some more pictures from Tom's phone I took while we were boating!

I really had so much fun getting to know my in-laws more and just fell in love with all the kids even more than I already had. So excited for more Hall adventures in the future :)


After the lunch we had the reception which was AMAZING! I'm seriously so happy with how it turned out. I had been so nervous that it would be ugly or awkward or weird (I've been to a lot of awkward receptions). But my mom did a great job! She basically had to plan it herself because i was in Provo and couldn't help out a ton and she did such and amazing job! It looked beautiful (DEFINITELY pinterest worthy!). I really had SO much fun at the reception...there were so many people there i didn't even get to talk to everyone, but i'm so happy that everyone was able to make it and share our special day with us. We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends.

 Dancing with my Daddy. 

 Us with the Groomsmen...Yeah...there were 9 it's fine haha.

 Stuffing our faces with our beautiful cake

 Love my bridesmaids!

  First Dance Pictures :)

Post-Wedding Lunch at Leatherby's

So after the wedding Tom & I went to Leatherby's for lunch with my bridesmaids and a few friends. The family was all setting up for the reception.

It was really fun to just be able to talk with everyone after the wedding because I didn't really get to at the temple. Too much craziness! And i was STARVING so it was good to get some food in me. Anyone who knows my family knows that we are Leatherby's fanatics haha. Ever since it moved to Elk Grove they probably go once a week...(i'm so jealous i don't live there!!). Anyway it was only fitting that we had our wedding lunch there. And since it was our wedding day they had us stand up on chairs and announced to the whole building. Then gave us two gift certificates for free sundaes! YESSSSS :)

I love making a spectacle of myself in public haha...but what the heck it was my wedding day.... :)

Wedding Day

Our wedding day was perfect. A little hot in the afternoon, but it was really wonderful! I got up at about seven (well that's when i got out of bed...i was much too excited to sleep much that night!).

Savannah came around seven thirty to do my hair for me. It was so great! She is so good at it and i couldn't have asked for a more perfect hair stylist/best friend! :) Here's are some pictures of it:

I did my own makeup just so i would look normal and not feel like it was caked on so nothing exciting there. Tom came over before we went to the temple because he had left his tie and shoes there. We weren't really into the whole "don't see the bride before the wedding" thing haha

The temple was wonderful. Waiting to go into the sealing room felt like FOREVER even though it was only like 20 minutes haha. We had written each other letters that morning though and so it was really nice to get to sit in a quiet room and read Tom's letter to me. Being in the room with all of our friends and family was the greatest thing and even though i don't remember any of it...i do remember looking at everyone's faces and being so happy to see everyone there.

Then we went out to take pictures and some video. It was fun to get to see everyone. Although I feel bad i didn't really ever talk to anyone much that whole day i was too excited to focus haha. But here are some pictures from the temple. These are mostly from my mom and savannah & lizzy...I'll post the one's my aunt took when i get them. Sorry if there are duplicates hah too lazy to look for that:

Basically the best day ever. So happy to be married to this guy: