Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of Junior year

So it was the first day of classes today. Usually i dread this day and am not very excited about it but this semester I was pretty excited to start. My schedule was completely changed in the past few days but I felt really good about all of the changes. And let me tell you my classes did no disappoint!! :)First off, my classes don't start till noon which is always good news. (i've discovered in past years that i won't go to any class before 10 so i've tried to just make my days later this year. one of my goals is to go to class everyday that i possibly can this year)
So last night, i basically didn't sleep at all. I wan't THAT excited for classes that i couldn't sleep but my body just didn't want to sleep. Plus my roommates all have classes early in the morning so i woke up every time they did anything (our walls are like paper). But anyway, i got to campus and did last minute purchases for my classes and then at noon went off to Family

First thoughts.... this room is REALLY HOT!!! I really thought i might die when i got to that class. It was probably about 100 degrees
inside and the best part is this is also where my stats
lab is!! GREAT!!! haha. But other than the heat i feel like i won't hate this class. The professor is really funny and he has a way of incorporating the gospel into everything which i ALWAYS enjoy about professors. That is why i am so lucky to be here at BYU it is okay for us to pray and sing hymns before class. I always feel like i'm so high spiritually here because there is no time when i
am not thinking about the gospel. I'll enjoy this class.

My next class (all the way across campus by the way so i have to pretty much run...)

First thoughts...Wow i'm going to have to climb over people
EVERY DAY to get a seat in here...everyone sits on the ends and leaves spaces in the middle...i love that! no way i'm going to get a left-handed desk here. OH well. Aw the professor looks super cute i'm going to love this lady :) And sure enough she starts talking and i can tell that i am going to love her as a professor. She tells us that her main focus is for us to find a love for the 4 gospels. I'm already excited to start reading because i can tell
how much love she has for what she is teaching. YES!

Next class (also all the way back across campus to the classroom i was in for finance)

First thoughts...Oh my, they haven't fixed the air conditioning in the past hour shoot. Okay stats, i'm going to beat you this time! Whoa this professor looks
young he's pretty cute...but definitely married. Oh hey there's my roommate! sweet i know someone in this class. Okay already i can tell this class is going to be better than the last time i had stats. The professor isn't stuck on the power points which is something i hated about my last professor. He starts off class by throwing the book across the room and telling us we don't need it. I also love that; Me and text books don't get along very well. it'll be good...for a stats class anyway

Next class (...back on the other side of campus :) )

First thoughts...i honestly don't really have any haha. no idea what to expect in biology...crawl
across another 50 people to get a seat...and THEN i see laina (from noteworthy) on the other side of the classroom but i can't get out to sit with her. oh well. This professor looks a little kooky...and sure enough he starts off class by saying..."Class before we start there is something you should know about me...i am NUTS!" haha love him already. The first class is a slideshow of his summer adventures which took place on 3 different continents. and he talked about baby flies a lot (aka Maggots) okay that part was gross but i'm excited for this class. Wait what? katie excited
about science?! no....

Last class (same room as biology...)

First thoughts...Professor bott looks nothing like i imagined him. He's really old. Wow so many girls in this class...who knew. and a lot of married
people...alright. Okay professor Bott = the coolest person ever. Seriously if you or anyone you know has the chance to take a class from him. DO IT! i've already learned SO much today about the gospel. He's amazing. I love this class. :)

So basically this semester will be probably the best i've had at byu so far. I still haven't gone to my family meal planning class but i'm excited for that one too. YAY! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to Provo: New Semester, Same apartment, New Noteworthy year, No more money left in the bank

Well, I'm back in Provo again. So far things have been pretty great... I'm not going to lie i loved summer so much i was not in the least bit excited to be back. I actually had a day of depression when I got here because i missed california so much haha. But things are getting better as i start to settle in. I just tend to have a hard time with change so it's taken me a few days to remember that i really don't hate it here as much as i thought i did.
I got back on Tuesday and unpacked for most of the day...I'm sort of annoyed because whoever was here during the summer left all of their food and all of their pots and pans, so we are still not all unpacked because no one knows whose stuff this is and none of our stuff fits anywhere. We finally got the living room figured out so that's pretty much done except for a few odds and ends.
My classes have all changed since i got here. I was originally taking Mission prep, New Testament, Sewing, Intro to Interior Design, and Stats. After remembering how much time
noteworthy takes up i realized that six hours of sewing lab every week wasn't going to work so i got rid of that. Then i also realized that Interior Design was going to also take up a lot of time that i don't have with noteworthy so i got rid of that. Replaced those with Family Finance and Family Meal Planning...These are both still in my major so no big deal. Then i was looking and saw that Professor Bott had one spot open for his evening mission prep class...For those of you who don't know, he is probably the best professor ever and he's got the highest ratings on He has over a thousand students this year and all of his classes are always full so i was really lucky to find this one opening!! :) Then i had to change my new testament professor as well. And i realized that i still have two sciences left i have to take in order to graduate so i also added a Biology class. Stat's is the only class that's stayed the same. So i went from 13 credits to 16 credits, but ultimately this schedule is better than the one i had. And super exciting news...I only have about 10 or 11 classes left to take in order to finish all my generals and my major!! So i will most definitely be done in the next few semesters of school. I don't know at this point if i'll try to graduate before my mission. It seems like maybe i could do that if i went to school in the summer...but we'll see. It's just exciting to see an end in sight!! Crazy, i feel like i just started college and i'm already almost done.
So after changing all of my classes around i had to go back to the bookstore and take back the books i had already bought. and buy new ones which ended up being much more expensive. There goes about $300. Then i realized how unreliable my laptop is so i went onto amazon and bought an acer net book. There goes another $300.Then i had to go shopping for cleaning supplies, groceries, and other fun things. There goes $200. And i'm also going to pay rent for the semester ahead of time. There goes $1000. Oh and noteworthy dues: $150 (yeah i have to pay to be in noteworthy). man, suddenly all the money i made during the summer is almost gone. Good thing it's all going towards things that are helpful to my future right?!
Other than that i've got noteworthy starting up again soon.
We have auditions next friday and saturday and i'm pretty excited. The returning girls all had a meeting last night and figured out the plans for auditions and also talked about this next year. We've got some pretty fun things planned. Hopefully it won't be as crazy as last year.
As much as i enjoyed being on tv...i obviously need to be focusing on school right now! ah. I'm so excited though. I really had a hard time deciding if i wanted to do noteworthy again this year because of the time commitment, but then i realized that this really is probably my last opportunity to do something like this so i just need to go for it. I'm not working this semester so i should be able to focus more on school anyway. :) Exciting things to come this year! yay.