Friday, July 27, 2012

First Married Post

I seriously don't know where to begin! I was just now looking through my photos trying to decide what to put on this blog post and I ended up with about 200...Pretty sure no one wants to spend all day looking through this one blog post (except maybe my mom and Ciara haha). So i figured maybe i will just split it up into a few different blog posts. Honestly it's more for me than for anyone else...My blog is kind of a journal of sorts so if you don't feel like reading these long wedding posts feel free to stop at any moment :)

Being married is wonderful. Knowing that I get to spend forever with my best friend is amazing. In the days leading up to the wedding we had some ups and downs (biggest down being Tom's Mohawk haircut just days before the wedding!)....I was kind of worried that i would be really stressed the day of the wedding, but, honestly, on the day of the wedding I felt like I could just relax and enjoy what was happening. I mean who cares what happens as long as we get to be together forever nothing else really matters.

But before i really get into all of that I'll just start with the night before the wedding:

Tom & I decided we wanted to have a little dinner the night before we  got married so our families and the wedding party could maybe get to know each other and just have a good time. We went to Old Spaghetti Factory and had a great meal. It was so fun to get to spend some time with everyone and eat good food. I don't have any pictures from that, but maybe once i get some i'll put them up.

After the dinner all my bridesmaids took me out for dessert at a little dessert diner Downtown. It was really fun because i hadn't seen most of them for the whole summer! Everyone has been in different states and busy doing their own thing so it was really great to  get to see them all! Plus the food was DELICIOUS!! MMMM. Here are some pictures from that:

Apparently i'm telling a great story here...not sure what about exactly

Of course you have to wear the Bride To Be sash

All the girls. It was a bit of a tight squeeze. Good thing we love eachother

Love this shirt Savannah made me! :)

So happy to be together!! 

Anyway it was a REALLY fun night and I am so happy i got to spend that time with everyone. That is all for this post. My husband is out playing piano...can't sit in the bedroom blogging when that is happening! :) 

Life is Beautiful.