Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just love california...

Yes it's true. I'm one of those people who, not matter what sort of issues are going on here, will always LOVE California more then any other place. Sure it's pretty liberal here, and sure sometimes we're not smart with our money, but i LOVE IT HERE. I've been home for about 4 days now, and i haven't really done a whole lot while I've been here, but just being here makes life better.

I love the smell.
I love the weather. (even though it was hailing yesterday)
I love the people.
I love my house.
I love palm trees.
I love that here in Sacramento i am the perfect distance from everything...mountains, ocean, city, country....
I love having family so close.
and most of all I LOVE that it's not snowing.

I just love California...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things I would like to do this summer...

*Spend time with my family :)
*Get a good job (and SAVE SAVE SAVE!)
*Read TONS of books (I'm talking like one every 2 weeks at least)
*Get caught up on all the movies I've missed out on while in Provo
*Go to the beach at least 5 times
*Go camping at least 2 or 3 times
*Finish this round of the BOM
*Sew something (I'm taking a sewing class next semester! YAY)
*Get some good music on Itunes
*Go to San Fran
*Go to a taping of The Sing Off: Season 2 in SoCal
*Eat lots of Round Table, Chipotle, and In-n-Out (i know they moved in-n-out here but it's just not the same)
*Get less attached to Facebook because I'll have more important things to do like be social and work :)
*Get some running shoes and USE THEM to get in shape!

Yep there's tons more I'm sure but this is it so far. I'm So excited to go home and I'm SO excited to be with my family and friends from back home. I've missed them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What do you do...

when you finish finals and there seems to be a lack of friends around?

*do the dishes (three times)
*watch 2 episodes of house
*watch 2 episodes of vampire diaries (i wouldn't recommend unless you are EXTREMELY bored haha)
*reread the last half of breaking dawn
*watch 2 episodes of bones
*watch a cheesy hilary duff movie on abc
*start packing for home
*deep clean the kitchen
*talk to the census lady that's walking around
*check the mail
*write a missionary or two
*turn up the music really loud and do some more packing :)

this has been my past day or two haha. sometimes i don't like not having anything to do, but i must say it has been quite relaxing. I'm ready to go home and find a job though.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hong Kong Part Three (We're Singing In The Rain)


Well, yesterday was another fun filled day in Hong Kong. We woke up super early in the morning again...after getting about 5 hours of sleep because we had been out until about 1 in the morning the night before. We had to be ready by 10:30 in the morning so we all showered and got ready and ate our breakfast (mine consisted of Frosties which are what frosted flakes are called in China). We had an outdoor performance scheduled for yesterday afternoon, so we left at 10:30 to go rehearse. It was raining off and all all throughout the morning so we weren't sure if we were going to be able to do the performance, but we went to the site anyway.
We got there and had a little bit of time before our sound check time slot, so we went to go eat some lunch. Most of the girls wanted sushi so we went to this Japanese sushi place. However, me and amber both do not like fish at all, especially if it's raw, so our options were limited at this place. We ordered a Salad which looked pretty safe, but when we got it it had salmon on it (just our luck) we figured we'd just drench it in salad dressing, but i guess they only serve thousand island dressing here (which neither of us is a huge fan of). We drenched it anyway thinking that dressing we didn't like was better than the fishy taste we hated. Then we ordered some cream puffs which were DELICIOUS!
After eating we went back to the stage for our sound check. It was sprinkling a little, but we went ahead with it anyway. The sound was AMAZING and we felt good about it so we finished up, and then went into the starbucks that was right next door to wait until it was time for the show. We sat in there for about an hour and a half talking pictures and being obnoxiously loud haha.
Then we went out for the show, it had stopped raining for a second so the show started early. there were 4 groups that were going before us, including the group from Japan VIP. The weather was great until VIP got up. Then it started raining a little more then the sound people felt comfortable with, so VIP performed while carrying umbrellas...they told us we were only going to do 2 songs...then as soon as we were about to go on the rain we performed in just a little bit of was actually really fun because the rain here isn't cold.
After the show we took a bunch of pictures again and also sang happy birthday to Kenneth, one of our tour guides. Then we all hopped onto the bus and did a little bit of shopping, and we were going to go to the ladies market (which is a street market where you can get really cheap deals), but we were all exhausted and all we really wanted was some good american food and sleep. So we went to CPK (California pizza kitchen) and ate some DELICIOUS pizza. It was still laina's birthday so Snowy and Sofia got her a cake and we sang to her and ate cake and it was a lot of fun. Can you guess how much the meal cost in Hong Kong Dollars?? $1008!!! it's so funny how expensive things look here. i took a picture of the receipt.
Anyway after we ate we just went home and fell asleep at about 10:30 again...which was nice because then when we woke up at 6:30 in the morning we had still gotten our full 8 hours of sleep. haha
Sunday was a day when we didn't have anything planned for the festival so we were able to do whatever we wanted. We really wanted to go to church so we met at about 8 in the morning and went to a church building. We didn't realize it was going to be General Conference here (they do it a week later because saturday and sunday mornings in the US would be Sunday and monday night here) So we just went and watched half of the first session and then headed to the Hong Kong Temple. The hong kong temple is beautiful, but it's like all of the other buildings in Hong Kong...surrounded by other buildings!! it made picture taking pretty hard because we had to run across a busy street to get the whole temple in the picture haha but it was fun anyway!
After the temple we went to eat at a Tai food restaurant. it was SO good...i feel so cultured now when it comes to food hah and i'll probably try a lot more things now which is good and bad. When we walked out of the restaraunt we saw the CUTEST child, we sat there for about 10 minutes just being girls and talking about how cute he was and talking with his parents...i got a video of him blowing us kisses so i'll see if i can upload it.
We wanted to go shopping after tai food because a few of us had a lot of money left to spend, so we headed to some local markets and shopping centers. There's a street here called ladies market that's kind of for tourists so they set the prices REALLY high and you have to try and barter them down...This was really fun, in fact probably TOO fun. It made me buy a few things i shouldn't have because i just enjoyed getting things for super cheap haha. There was one thing i got that started at $59 and i got it for $15! but that's okay it was least for the first couple of hours/miles....then our feet started to hurt (as well as my head). By the time we had walked multiple blocks we were all SUPER TIRED.
There's a light/laser show that the tourist board in hong kong does every night so we went to go watch that next. It was pretty cool, although i was a bit too tired to REALLY enjoy it. It lasted about 10 minutes and all of the buildings light up with the music...i got some pictures and videos.
After the light show we were walking back to the bus, and decided we should sing on the street and see how much money we could we sang a few songs...we got about $90 HKD which comes to about 15 american dollars. haha that's not too bad for only 5 minutes of singing.
Then we went back to the hotel and fell asleep pretty quick. and i was actually able to sleep until 8:30 today! yay!
Monday we went to a high school and performed for them. It was really funny because in Hong Kong people don't really like to participate all that much...we did a little beat boxing workshop and had to force kids to come on stage to do it. there WAS one little boy who was very enthusiastic and a few teachers who joined in on the fun so it was actually a great show and i loved it! After that performance we just went back to the hotel because we were exhausted and needed to pack and get ready for when we would leave the next morning. We went back, packed, bought a ton of candy from the supermarket to bring home with us...and went to bed.
The next morning (Tuesday) we left at about 8:30AM to go to the airport......and one of our bags was too amy rushed to buy a box to stick half of our outfits in so that we wouldn't have to pay $350 the lady told us we'd have plenty of time to do this, so we weren't worried until we realized that the plane would stop loading at 11:25 and it was now 11:00...AND our terminal was all the way accross the airport. By the time we finished checking everything in it was at least (in typical noteworthy traveling fashion) we RAN all the way to security (they were so nice and opened up a line especially for us so we could get to our flight on time!) ran down about 4 escalators to the tram, rode the tram....ran UP a few flights of escalators...ran about 1/4 mile down to our terminal...and made it!! to be honest though we were talking about it and a noteworthy trip wouldn't have been complete without SOMETHING going wrong with our travels so it was okay.
The flight home was about 3 hours less then the flight there, so that was nice...although i didn't sleep through the whole thing!! We got to san fransisco at about 9AM tuesday morning which was quite confusing...considering we LEFT hong kong at noon tuesday morning. we had a layover for a few hours and then flew home to provo. I had never been so excited to see those snow-covered mountains.
We've been home for a few days now and my sleeping schedule is still REALLY messed up. I don't sleep one night...then sleep 14 hours the next...then don't sleep at all the next...and so on. it's terrible. but the weather has been great here so i can't complain.

Tonight is our last noteworthy show of the year...and it's also potentially my last noteworthy show EVER. I've been thinking about it a lot and as much as i love noteworthy, it's not the most important thing for me to be doing in my life. I need to focus on school a lot more than i have these past two years...i also REALLY need to get a good job so that i can pay for it all. I'm not 100% sure i'm not doing it, but as of now it looks as though i won't. This noteworthy year has been SO amazing and i couldn't have asked for anything better. We've been so blessed. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hong Kong adventures part two (Jet Lag at its worst)

yesterday was a crazy day! ...we didn't have to be ready until about one o'clock and we all woke up at six in the morning again so we decided to get breakfast and do a little shopping before we had to be anywhere...Cassie was taking a shower, and we were all at our computers she gets out and all of the sudden we hear this scream!
Our showers are just in these rooms that don't have any sort of protection from the door and the hall apparently while she was showering TONS of water was coming out through the crack under the door and into the hall and almost all the way to my bed! there was a HUGE FLOOD! we didn't want to tell the people at the hotel, so kelsey went and got some extra towels, and we mopped it all up...but not before i got a video of it...i'll try and post that!
anyway after we cleaned that up and got ready we went and got breakfast at our home away from home (mcdonalds) again. the mall is right next to our little hotel so it's nice...we bought a few things (i got a purse and some stuff for the fam).
We are actually staying at the place where we were going to perform that night, so at one we just headed downstairs to the theater and then we had a rehearsal with noteworthy for our show that night.
After our rehearsal it was about 2, we stopped at the supermarket and got some snacks, but we were all SO exhausted because our sleeping schedules are a little mixed up, so we came back to take a "quick nap" before we had to go back and rehearse with all of the groups at 5:00. First of all, we should've realized this was a bad idea because we were all so jet lagged and back home this would be the time when we would all be actually going to bed for the night, but we didn't think about that and we accidentally all slept through our alarms and we woke up at 5:45 to Snowy and Sofia knocking on our door. we felt really bad considering this is the whole reason we are in hong kong and we just slept through it!! haha i guess jet lagged girls should never try to take a "short nap" haha. that sleep was the best sleep i've gotten all week it was kind of nice. so we rushed to get ready really fast and then headed down for rehearsal...we had only missed one of the group song rehearsals so it wasn't so bad (although our director made a joke that if anyone was late for the show they'd have to pay 200 american dollars) OOPS!
anyway after the final rehearsal we came back and got ready for the concert. The concert was great. I really enjoyed listening to all of the chinese groups even though i couldn't understand a few of the songs. There was also a girl there who won their version of "America's got talent". She was pretty good too! it was also fun to see some of our tour guides singing in the groups. We were the last to perform, and it was SO FUN! it's nice because this year there have been quite a few times when we've been competing in front of audiences who didn't exactly love us haha, but this audience did! afterwords we took about a billion photos with people haha. it was great.
after the show it was about ten thirty and we were all going to go take a nap, but then Snowy told us that some of the other groups were going to some restaurant that's authentic Hong Kong food. It was outside on the of those places that looks really sketchy, but is actually REALLY good ya know? so we went with them. It was really fun to get to sit and talk with them since we haven't really been able to do that. they taught us a little Cantonese, and were really impressed with our usage of chopsticks (thank you panda express!)...
The food was really great, which is nice because that is something that i was really worried about before i came. I am not a huge fan of seafood and i'm not very adventurous usually when it comes to eating, so i wasn't sure if i'd like anything here, but i actually think i enjoy it all a little TOO much...i'm gonna have to work some of this off when i get home haha...but guess what? i tried squid! haha it was actually fried squid, but it was good and i ate quite a bit of it...i got some photo proof because i didn't think my mom would believe me was kind of just like french fries. There was also pig intestine but i couldn't bring myself to eat that after both amy and laina said it was gross hah. anyway so then we just came home and went to bed...
Hong Kong has been such a great experience and we're so happy to be here. Although the one thing i will run to first when i get home is ICE!!! i miss ice. anyone who knows me knows i love to eat ice...and there just a HUGE lack of it here. At most restaurants they just give us hot water to drink because we don't drink tea or coffee. and we drink mostly bottled waters which obviously don't have ice in them...but other then the ice problem, Hong Kong is great. :)

This is an artpiece right out side our hotel that we keep wanting to take a picture with, so yesterday a few of us climbed on it...then this lady runs over screaming at us and we look over and see a sign that says (in plain english) "NO CLIMBING" haha oops.

Me kelsey and lizzy after breakfast at McDonalds..
it's SO humid here! and then one of me and lizzy at the supermarket.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm in Hong Kong

well. It's 6 in the morning in Hong Kong. Which means it's about 4PM in Provo, Ut. And since there's not much else to do at 6AM in provo i thought I'd write a little blog talking about our adventures so far. (PS this is my new favorite candy Bueno's SOOOO GOOOD!)

We left for hong kong on tuesday morning. I didn't sleep the night before because we had to be at amy's at 4 in the morning, and i had an 8 page paper to finish and i also had to pack. I figured i'd be able to sleep in the 15 hour flight (turns out i didn't really) haha. anyway so we got to amy's and then headed for the airport. Here's a picture of all of us at amy's house before we left.

We first flew to san fransisco. This flight was nothing compared to our hong kong flight. only about and hour and a half. i slept the whole way which was nice. I was by the window so i had a nice little headrest. Our layover in san fran was about 4 hours long. i attempted to sleep on the airport floor but i was unsuccessful, sadly. So after some airport food and a little bit of rest we got onto our plane for Hong Kong....and let me tell you this plane was HUGE! it was a double decker...with two seats on each side and then four seats in the middle of each of them. we were all in the middle. in rows 50 and 51...i sat by kelsey and cassie and there wasn't anyone behind us so we got to put our seats back pretty far. that was nice. They also gave us a blanket and we attempted to sleep again a little...i got about an hour or two of sleep. then they fed us some rice and chicken or wasn't too bad. i'm not a huge fan of plane food though. we watched about 4 movies on the plane. i really enjoyed the young was a happy movie. Anyway here a few pictures from the plane ride. One of the flight attendants was super nice and he asked if we wanted a picture of all of us.

after 15 hours of flying we finally got to hong kong! this city is crazy! it's like a jigsaw puzzle of buildings and they ran out of room on the ground so now they have to start building up! EVERYONE lives in apartments and they spend their whole life savings on them. but although it's super city-like, it's also very wet and's like a city in the middle of a rain forest. i LOVE IT!

We had a few people showing us around from the acappella festival. 3 guys (kenneth, julian, and simon) and then 1 girl (Snowy) they were all really nice and julian kept telling us everything there is to know about hong kong. We were about 30 minutes from our hotel so we took a bus to get's not really a's more of like a super nice hostile for youth. it's called Y-square. and it's also where we're going to be performing tonight. It's super nice. it's only about 6 months old. It's like government owned and is some place that was built just for youth to be able to have a performing center and stuff. There are 6 beds in here so we pretty much all fit in one room they gave us another room with 2 beds but we didn't feel like being separated so we all are just staying in the one room. the first night we went to bed at about 10pm...which is 8am provo time. we all kind of had a restless night. and we woke up at 6in the morning and couldn't fall back asleep. so we went to mcdonalds for breakfast (this would be my home away from home haha) here's a picture of my meal. It's not quite the same as mcdonalds in the US. there are definitely significantly less options here, but the hash browns are still just as good! and that's really all that matters anyway :)

That day we went and sang on a radio show and sang a little bit it was pretty fun. Here are some pictures from that

After the radio we went and had Food at a Chinese restaurant. which is just a normal restaurant here i guess hah. It was surprisingly REALLY GOOD! which is saying something cuz i'm pretty picky when it comes to foods from different countries. But i told them before we went that i didn't like fish so they knew. We had a lot of BBQ pork! SO GOOD. BBQ pork dumplings, BBQ pork and rice, BBQ pork and rice rolls....and then we tried one other thing...which you may not believe i actually tried...but Cassie got a picture of it so I'll post that at some point haha. but it was JELLY FISH!! oh was gross. it was cold and chewy and just...gross. i didn't swallow it...but it was just gross. here are some pictures from the restaurant.
laina is eating chicken feet and amy tried some squid...ew.

So anyway this post is already a little TOO long i'm sure for anyone's liking if you actually read the whole thing you get like 40 points! haha i'll just add a few random pictures to the end. The last picture is of us and two other girls that were showing us around hong kong their names are daisy and candy. We loved them :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

5 Hours Until i Leave for Hong Kong

Wow. It's finally here. I'm about to leave for Hong Kong.
Just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who donated through paypal!
You guys are great! I'm so excited to head to Hong Kong and sing with noteworthy for a week.
We'll take TONS of pictures/videos don't you worry!

I still need to pack and shower and finish up a paper so this is a short and boring post, but thanks again for all of your help!

Love Love