Friday, June 7, 2013

In case you didn't already know....WE'RE PREGNANT!

Well I've finally decided to post a blog about being pregnant. I'm sure my mom will be happy about that :)

I don't really know what to say/how much to say because I could probably write a novel about the past few months, but I'll just keep it to the need to know stuff. I suppose I will just start from the beginning:

First thing you should know is I'm horrible with I probably won't have any specifics on here. I need Tom for that kinda thing; He always remembers, but I started thinking I might be pregnant at the beginning of April, so one night we just went out and bought a test. It was positive! (side note: they really should just make all tests say "Yes" or "No" because sometimes the line thing is a little confusing. Shouldn't it just make a plus for positive or a minus for negative?) For a minute I didn't really believe the test so of course I went and took the other one in the box...still positive. Now this next part my mom will never stop making fun of me for haha. But we really still didn't believe the test, so what did we do? We went and bought a different brand and took two more tests (the come in boxes of two so why not?!). This one really did have the "yes" or "no" thing...and I really shouldn't have been so surprised when it said "Yes"! So anyway after 4 positives I guess we really believed it.

 So I called up the BYU Health center to see what to do next and they said to come in and take another test to make it official (as if 4 positives wasn't enough already). The next day we went to the Health Center and took the test. For some reason I was expecting this to be a lot more exciting than it was. We sat in a waiting room, I took the test, and 5 minutes later a guy came out and handed me a piece of paper. He didn't even wait for us to read it....he didn't even say congrats or YAY! or tell us what to do next. Tom and I had said that we were going to do something fun to tell my family because it's the first grand baby, but at that point I just wanted someone to be excited about it so of course I called my mom!

Once we called her we started getting really excited about it and thinking of ways to tell my family because they were going to FREAK OUT. We decided to make some shirts that said "World's Best ______" (Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Aunt). So the next day we went out and bought shirts and iron ons and got to work. We sent the shirts and then a few VERY LONG days later my family got the package in the mail. Each person had an individual present to open and we hopped on skype to watch them open it. This is what happened:

David's Reaction is my favorite! Hahaha

So now we were all really excited. We had told Tom's parents a few days before and then in the next week called up the rest of the family and told all of them. They were all so excited as well! Once the family new it just kept getting more and more exciting!

Courtney and Rachelle came to visit about a week or so later for a Noteworthy concert so when they got into their room we had shirts laying out for them as well. I really wish i had that on film because they both cried and were SO SO SO excited!

At the middle of week 6 I was still feeling pretty good. I hadn't been sick at all, I was eating normally and I thought "wow, I am going to be lucky and never get sick! YES!"....False! At the beginning of week 7 I started feeling nauseous, and once it started it slowly got worse and worse and worse. For about a month it was just a downward spiral until there were 3 days when I couldn't even get out of bed. Tom says I looked like a Zombie and we decided I should probably take a trip to the ER. I hadn't been able to keep anything (liquid or solid) down for two days and couldn't even walk to the bathroom without feeling like I was going to pass out. So they stuck me in a wheelchair, wheeled me in and gave me two bags of IV fluids to get me back to normal (Being pregnant has it's get a much shorter wait time in the waiting room. Thank you baby!). I also got some medicine that has helped me (Note to Preggos: Even if you are feeling better...ALWAYS ALWAYS keep a barf bag in the car). So now I am feeling MUCH MUCH better, although I still have bad days.

Mostly my days just look like this.......

Or this....

Anyway other than being sick we've been getting really excited. The best part was the first ultrasound. I had it at about week 9 in Sacramento (my insurance is there so I'm doing all my appointments there and then we will be moving there in September to have the baby there in Dec./whenever it comes). We didn't really know what to expect, but I was NOT expecting the baby to look so much like a baby! I just had this vision of me being Rachel from friends and not being able to tell which blob in the ultrasound was my baby and Tom being Ross trying to point it out to me....but seriously this thing looks like a baby!!!

Now that I am in the second trimester I am hoping that the nausea will just continue to slowly go away because I am ready to start eating again. Eating has been the hardest part for me (and for Tom). Poor Tom always has to list off every single item we have in the kitchen only for me to say I don't want any of it. Then we finally decide on something that sounds less gross than everything else and I can only eat two bites of it. It's a really fun game....Luckily I married a patient man who is so good to me! Even though he has a crazy schedule right now he still finds the time to take care of his pregnant sicky wife. Seriously Shout out to you because anyone else would probably hate me by now. Love you!

So now you are up to date. Told you I could write a novel haha. I didn't even write half of the stuff i was thinking about. I'll save that for another post. I have another appointment in a few weeks so i'll do an update again then. It'll be much bigger now that it's been a few months! We are currently on week 14...oh and the baby is Due Dec. 6th. :)

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